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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

As the semester is winding down, I just want to take a moment with you, reader. It felt like a fairly universal experience: this semester has been a lot. It wasn’t even necessarily that classes were harder or more demanding; it was just an overly busy semester with everyone fully being done with covid while also in college. I will openly admit: I became someone that preferred going to bed instead of going out over the weekend because of how much of a toll this semester took on me. Like so many other things, though, we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a team effort, and you deserve credit for getting through the entire semester. Now that finals are over, everyone has begun to go back home for the next month. Our only wish at this chapter of Her Campus is that everyone is able to take some time over this break to recover from this semester. We’re halfway through the year, but we still have one more semester ahead of us before we’re gifted with our long awaited summer break. 

While you’re home, make sure to be safe while still having fun. It can be a weird adjustment when you go home for a longer period of time from college, so try not to get stuck in the house for the whole month (unless that’s what you want, then by all means let me live through you vicariously), and try to see family or friends you haven’t had the chance to see yet. If you have pets, give them extra love while you’re home since it’ll be relieving for both of you. For those of us living in the dorms, eat so much homemade food that you wish you were eating out since I always find that to be one of the first things I miss about being home while I’m back at school. Regardless, make sure to take some time for yourself over break to enjoy your time away from school. 

It has been a great semester, though, and from everyone at the Bradley chapter of Her Campus, thank you! We could not be as successful as we are as a chapter without all of you taking the time to go through and read our works. It’s extremely encouraging to all of us when we have a space to express ourselves through our writing with such a fabulous group to provide us with endless support and reading. This was the first semester for a lot of our writers, as well as for myself being president for the first time. However, this semester has gone smoothly and it’s just as much us as it is you. That being said, that’s all from us for this semester and we look forward to writing for you again next semester! 

Happy holidays and happy new year!

Kylie Kruis

Bradley U '25

I am the current president at the Her Campus at Bradley University chapter. I oversee the general operations of the chapter, run meetings, and correspond with HCHQ. Beyond Her Campus, I am also the current community service exec chair for my sorority, Epsilon Sigma Alpha. I have been part of the organization since my freshman year after leading a volunteer group for several years prior to college. I am also the current community service outreach member for Bradley's psychology club, Psi Chi and Psych Club. As the community service member for both, I am constantly reaching out to other organizations in the community to collaborate on creating a better overall town. I am currently a junior at Bradley University in Peoria, IL, majoring in Psychology and English - Creative Writing with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. In my free time, I enjoy hiking with my boyfriend, spending the weekend with my family and dogs, and writing short stories. I'm a new Bachelor nation fan and have extremely strong opinions about most people on them. I also enjoy several podcasts ranging from comedy to true crime. My passion lies with volunteering and being a leader for others whenever possible.