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Farewell Her Campus: My Letter To Readers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

Hello readers!

If you regularly read my articles, you know this isn’t typically how I start them. I have recently made the decision to withdraw from Bradley University — and college all together — for a little while. This is because I’ve realized how negatively my mental health has been impacted by college. I still want to be a journalist full-time in the future, but for now I need to give my mental health time to recover.

Since joining Her Campus, I have learned about topics I never thought I’d be interested in and learned more about the ones I already knew. I’ve had the pleasure to meet some pretty wonderful people through this organization. Most importantly, this organization gave me a place I could be myself and write about the things I care about — not just random fluff assignments for school.

This decision has been extremely difficult for me to come to because by withdrawing from Bradley, I will, in turn, be withdrawing from Her Campus. This organization changed my life, it was a place I made my home. I loved writing for Her Campus my freshman year, and I’ve loved being editor-in-chief these past two years even more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my articles and maybe gained one thing or another from them. Though I am not sure what comes next in my story, what I do know is my story isn’t over — it’s just beginning.

Josie Smith

Bradley U '25

I'm a junior, journalism major at Bradley University! I love serving as this chapter's editor-in-chief.