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I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more romantic than going on dates during the autumn season. There’s something about the crisp air and the leaves changing that is perfect for quality time with your partner. With that being said, here are four things to do in Peoria during the fall with that special person in your life!

A picnic at grandview drive

Grandview Drive is one of my favorite places to go in Peoria. The view of the golden fall foliage and dreamy, gorgeous homes makes for the perfect escape for two lovers. There are many areas that are the perfect place to set down a large blanket for a picnic. You can even sit at a table and share ice cream or some other sweet, fall treat. Luckily, even in late October when the weather may be a little chillier, it is still a beautiful spot to drive around, admire nature and see some great architecture.

Tanner’s apple orchard

Just north of Peoria in Speer, Illinois, is Tanner’s Orchard. There’s a variety of things to do. You can go through a corn maze, feed some goats, take pictures in a pumpkin patch, go shopping for sweet treats and seasonal decor, and of course, go apple picking. Tanner’s Orchard has so many fall excursions, and they are the perfect adventures to share with your significant other or even just your besties. For an added bonus, this farm has some of the best apple cider and apple cider donuts you may ever have in your life!

Make your own candles

Generations Candle Company in Peoria Heights allows you to make your very own candle. You and your partner can create and mix your own pumpkin-spice inspired scents that you get to hand pour into your own container. It’s a fun and unique way to spend some time creating something that is unique and one-of-a-kind to you!

A Nice dinner at cyd’s in the Park

Cyd’s in the Park is a fantastic restaurant that, as the name suggests, sits you right outside with a quaint, beautiful view of a park. Other than the aesthetic background and scenery, their menu has lots of great options. From their well-known build your own “Burgers in the Park” to a hearty “Goddess Grain Bowl.” It’s a great pick for a fall weekend lunch or dinner date that is sure to impress!

Camryn Picken

Bradley U '25

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