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Fall Photoshoot
Original photo by Alexa Galas

Cheers to Mimosas and Cute Outfits

There is nothing I love more than the smell of the warm strawberry banana french toast with an over-easy egg and hash browns to top off my morning. But the most important part of the meal is being able to ask the server for a mimosa (21 perks) to wash down the delightful breakfast. 

I love going to grab breakfast because I don’t get to do it often during the school year. Therefore, when I go, I like to dress to impress. Now that the temperature is dropping, many individuals have trouble with finding fashionable outfits to wear to the breakfast table. 

So I will include a few fashion tips for the fall season to help you set off that brunch look for insta-worthy pictures. 

The first fall brunch outfit I will recommend is a nice pair of jeans with a long sleeve turtleneck and thigh-high boots. To top off this look you could add a trench coat and a fashionable hat (the hat is optional because it could help or harm the look). Also, add a cute necklace and bracelet to top off this idea! 

This is a very cute, comfy and casual fall look that will help you make a fashion statement at brunch. 

The second look I will recommend is a long sleeve white button-up shirt that’s long enough to fit like a dress with a cardigan sweater vest over it(the ones without the buttons). To add to this look, you can find a cute belt to wrap around in the middle of the vest, but that’s optional. The shoe I would recommend for this look is a Doc Marten boot kind of style. Then to finish this look, I would add a cute handbag or tote bag and some cute sunglasses (because some days the sun still shines during the fall). 

This is a chic look that will make you feel like a fashionista from iconic shows like Gossip Girl and it shows you are the life of the party. I added the sunglasses just in case you overdo it on the mimosas. 

The last look I would recommend is a cute trousers look with a solid cropped spaghetti strap top or short sleeve cropped top. To add to this look, I would add a blazer, but keep it open, so everyone could see the full fit. For this outfit, you have to add accessories to bring it out. I would suggest some cute earrings, layered necklaces, bracelets or watches, and a small handbag. Also, for the shoe, I would wear either a chunky heel or some cute low-top fall boots (just depends on how it looks with the outfit). 

This look will make you feel like you are all about your business. It’s a cute and fun brunch outfit, but after brunch, you could also head back to work and finish up any tasks you have to do. 

Overall, there are a lot of ways you could still bring style to brunch in the fall. Whether it’s a cardigan, dress, skirt, jeans or anything else, the way to slay fashion at brunch is to feel good while wearing anything. So, I hope that gave you a few ideas for your next brunch look. 

Don’t forget to find those cute photo-ops for a photo session after brunch! 

Kianna Goss

Bradley U '22

Hi my name is Kianna, I am a journalism major with a double minor in sociology and advertising with public relations. I enjoy creative writing, traveling, and trying out new recipes.
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