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Connor Surdi

Best Free Starbucks Drinks: Birthday Edition

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

As a current barista, here are some of the best free customized Starbucks drinks to redeem on your birthday!

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Connor Surdi

Disclaimer: Make sure you have had the Starbucks mobile app for at least six months in order to redeem your free birthday drink!

#5 STrawberry creme frappuccino

If you are a strawberry and caramel lover, be sure to try this Frappuccino! The layers of caramel, strawberry puree, and whipped cream would be an extremely delicious way to reward yourself for your birthday!

step by step order:

“Hello! May I get a Venti Strawberry Creme Frappuccino with two pumps of toffee nut and caramel syrup. Can I also get that layered with whipped cream, dark caramel sauce, extra strawberry puree on the bottom of the cup and extra caramel crunch on the bottom and top?”

#4 Salted caramel sweet cream cold brew

Want a pick me up to kick start your special day? Try this caffeinated drink with a satisfying silky sweet caramel and vanilla foam with potent flavors while still getting that energy you need to get the party started.

step by step order:

“Hello! May I get a Venti Salted Cream Cold Brew with 2 pumps of caramel and vanilla? Can I also get that with vanilla sweet cream in the cold brew and extra caramel drizzle around the cup and on top?”

#3 vanilla chai tea latte

Aiming for a warm, relaxed drink? Try this hot Chai Tea latte with a balance of sweet and herbal flavor that makes you feel warm and content inside. It also contains that kick of caffeine to provide warm and cheerful energy!

step by step order:

“Hello! May I get a Venti hot Chai Tea Latte made with oat milk, vanilla syrup, and salted butter topping?”

#2 caramel mocha iced coffee

Are you a day-to-day ice coffee person? The caramel and mocha flavor blends together perfectly and definitely more of a simplistic order while still receiving that welcoming caffeine and flavor on your birthday.

step by step order:

“Hello! May I get a Venti iced coffee with cream and no classic? Can I also get that with two pumps of mocha and caramel?” (Feel free to add whipped cream or vanilla foam with caramel or mocha drizzle for more sweetness and fun!)

#1 lavander lemondade

I most highly suggest this drink if you are more into flavorful juices and into safer options! The lavender powder is currently new and definitely worth the try with Starbucks refreshers! A floral, sweet, and refreshing and certainly the number one best drink to try on your birthday!

Step by step order:

“Hello! May I get a Venti Lemonade with 3 scoops of lavender powder, shaken well with strawberry base poured on top?”

I'm a creative writer, gamer, and a barista! I guess you can say I'm full of imagination and social cues.