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Autumn is here, so why not snuggle up and watch some movies that just radiate fall? These are some movies to relax, stress or scream to. Pick a movie and enjoy!


“M3GAN” is probably one of the best movies to watch with friends this season. This 2022 Blumhouse horror film is hilarious if you pretend it’s a comedy. This movie is seriously wild, and I feel like everyone should experience watching this movie at least once. How can you say no to watching a movie about an A.I. doll who murders people while slaying?

“the fLY”

“The Fly” is by far one of my favorite horror movies, mostly due to the practical effects in the movie. It gets disgustingly creepy and is a really great watch. There’s also a penis joke, which is always a sign of a great movie. I highly recommend this one if seeing a man accidentally turn himself into a fly is your type of movie.

“prom night”

“Prom Night,” is a 2008 slasher film that is camp in the best way possible. Two things that I feel save this movie from being god-awful are Brittany Snow and some solid slashing scenes. Overall if you go into this movie with low expectations, it will be such a fun watch.


“Dashcam” probably has one of the most unlikeable characters known to man as its main protagonist, and it works. Not only do you root for the main character to shut up, but you root for her to survive just so you can see what happens next. This movie is pretty funny, but it’s the scares that make this movie good.

“the wolf of snow hollow”

This is another movie whose main character is annoying, but it does not work for this movie. If you can get past his annoyance, this is a pretty solid horror mystery movie. I will admit, there are some boring parts, but the final reveal makes it all worth it, trust me. Also, Riki Lindhome carried in this movie, who, funny enough, is actually in the next movie on this list.

“knives out”

“Knives Out” is such an amazing mystery with beautiful visuals to match. This movie is so well-made, and there are so many twists and turns in this film that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Also, what is more fall than murder and mystery? 

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