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5 Bradley Professors I Recommend

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

With this semester coming to an end, it is time to pick classes for fall.

As a junior Journalism student with minors in political science and creative writing I have had multiped professors so far. With only two semester left at Bradley here my top 5 professors who I would recommend any student to take.

1. Sara Netzley

I have had the privilege to have Dr. Netzley for one of my first ever journalism classes at Bradley. Based off the experience I have had with her, she starts the semester off with making the classroom a welcoming and comfortable environment. Each assignment is giving back with suggestions on how to improve, she is open to all questions, and she answers her email very quickly.

Her exams were easy to pass as long as you showed up to class and paid attention.

She used PowerPoints to explain her topics thoroughly along with examples, she also spoke about her own experiences which helps the material become real.

I haven’t met anyone who had struggled in her classes or didn’t feel welcomed by her positivity. I loved her class so much that I will be take two more in the upcoming semesters.

2. Shannon Sandoval

I had Professor Sandoval twice and I loved her classes. Very similar to Dr. Netzley she fills the class with positivity.

She give very detailed feedback to each assignment along with complementing students work in class or on canvas. I have had the most fun in her class, between the laughs, the conversations and the assignment everything is just a good vibe.

I found it hard to struggle in this class because she is available for question after class and is quick to respond to each email. she also gives extensions if you communicate with her before the due date.

She is very easy to talk to and she will try to get to know you, so for the introverts this is a professor I recommend.

3. Christopher Marsh

Dr. Marsh is a professor I will never forget.

He took a boring topic of studying theories and made it into a unforgettable class. Each theory we studied was made into a PowerPoint where he compared it to something relatable. He was patient with us and was able to break down each their to the smallest details to help us remember them. He would also ask about 100 times if you understand the topic before he moves on.

There was one major assignment in this class but you had the entire semester to work on it. He also had pop quizzes but if you showed up to class he gave you a warning of when they are going to happen.

My favorite part about having Dr. Marsh is he makes an effort to get to know his students. He tries to remember everyone’s name and he will talk to you inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Marsh will always say hello, which as a students shows his commitment to the job and how much he truly cares.

4. Megan Remmel

Dr. Remmel was the most challenging professor I have had at Bradley so far.

I have struggled in her class but only due to my lack of preparation for class. Once I started prioritizing the work I saw a significant improvement in my grades.

She comes prepared for class and expects her students to do the same. She expects participation, and I highly recommend doing it because it helps will help you understand the material.

One thing that Dr. Remmel does that really helps students is she will give you feedback on how to improve your writing if you turn it in at least 2 days before the actual date. From what I remember the time varies depending on class size.

I had Dr. Remmel twice at Bradley and I can confidently say I would recommend her classes to any incoming student. It’s challenging but the information will stick with you. Plus she plays music before class starts which was fun.

5. Devin Murphy

Dr. Murphy is an English teacher that every writer needs.

I loved his class and how laid back it was while also being full of important details to add to our stories.

Dr. Murphy shared multiple stories about his own life experience as a writer which I found extremely helpful when I was struggling with the material. He is quick to answer his emails and always stays after class for questions which was extremely helpful.

It was easy to see his passion for the class and it reflected on his students well. His patience and teaching styles were truly a gift and I would recommend any future writer to get in contact with him.

Ann McManus

Bradley U '25

Hey!! My name is Ann and I'm a junior journalism major with a minors in creative writing and political science. As you can tell I love to write, but when I'm not, my favorite activities to is reading, crocheting, or catching up on my favorite shows/movies.<3