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3 Movies I Can’t Wait To See In Theaters This Summer

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I can’t wait for summer, especially because that means I can go to the movie theater more often. Going to the movie theaters is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, which is why I have three movies that I am extremely hyped to see this summer in theaters.


“Longlegs” is a rated-R horror movie that follows an FBI Agent working on an unsolved serial killer case. While working on the case, they start to discover connections to an occult and even a possible personal connection to the killer. The plot sounds pretty intresting and I really want to see what twists and turns this movies is going to have. Along with an interesting plot, the cinematography looks amazing, and is one of the main reasons I want to see this movie on the big screen. Also, Nic Cage is in this movie, so you know I have to watch.


A comedy starring Chris Pine as a pool man? Say less. This movie looks genuinely so funny, and the cast is stacked with great actors. This movie has names like Danny DeVito, Jennifer Jason Leigh, John Ortiz, and so many more amazing talents you know this movie is going to be good. I honestly can’t wait to see this movie and I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this movie sooner.


I love A24 movies, and I especially love the two previous movies of the “X-Trilogy.” Mia Goth has been killing it in these movies, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to her role in “MaXXXine.” Also, any horror-slasher movie that takes place in the 1980s will always be great. Everything about this movie seems amazing and the trailer is just so iconic. I cannot wait to see this movie on the big screen.

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