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For some backstory, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales has not been seen in the public eye since December 2023 and it has caused mass speculation as to where she has been. A couple of “pictures” of her had been posted, but they were clearly photoshopped. The one that got the most attention was the photo of her and her three children posted on her behalf on March 10th for the United Kingdom’s Mother’s Day (left). The photo was evidently photoshopped because it was messy, and was removed from different online articles because of tampering from the original source. The photo on the right has different bricks, where supposedly Kate’s head is, than the rest of the photo.

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Some people have determined the outfits worn in the photo on the left were from November 2023 and it was not taken just for a Mother’s Day post. The next day a tweet from the official Prince and Princess of Wales made a statement on the photo that states, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to apologize for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s day. C”.

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 Kate signing “C” on the tweet also raised speculation about marital issues within the palace because pre-marriage Kate Middleton signed “C” after statements representing her legal first name as Catherine, then she developed the nickname Kate after marriage and started signing “K” after statements. There have been many theories about her whereabouts, I am going to share some of the popular lighthearted theories

Disclaimer: I am not saying anything has happened officially, this is just the popular rumors spreading around the internet. For all we know everything can be fine and she wanted a break from being in the public eye.

Masked Singer Theory

One popular rumor that has circulated is the possibility of Kate Middleton being a contestant on the FOX guessing show “The Masked Singer” and she has been in California this whole time working on the show. Although this is very unlikely it would be pretty funny in my opinion if she was filming for the show and when a singer is revealed we see Kate Middleton’s head pop out. Since there is no cast besides the host and panel of judges, literally any celebrity can be a contestant, and we would never know until the revelation of them either getting voted off the show, or winning the whole thing.

Pete Davidson Theory

Yes, you read that right. This theory is not as popular, but some people think Pete Davison snatched her up after her and William allegedly got divorced. Davidson has not been seen since around the same time as Kate Middleton, and with his dating history, people are speculating. This is definitely less likely than “The Masked Singer” because I am pretty sure he is still with Madelyn Cline, and I would have no idea how they would meet. Although this is more of a joke theory, I decided to add it because technically it is circulating. 

BBL Recovery Theory

Another lighthearted rumor is that Kate Middleton got a BBL and is recovering in the comfort of her own home from the procedure. This is one of the first theories that arose after the notice of her not being out in public. It was noted that she was in the hospital after she was last seen, but the royals stated it was abdominal surgery. There was an ambulance that left the palace that was said to have Kate in it, but we never saw Kate go into the ambulance, and if she had left the hospital already, then we, unusually, did not get any pictures of her leaving the hospital. I said unusually because there are always photos of her leaving the hospital right after giving birth and she is usually dressed up and in heels. 

There are many more theories, but most of them are darker and more serious, that I do not feel comfortable writing about because all of the serious possibilities have “alleged” written all over it. I do not feel that it is my place to write about the serious matters of the Royal Family.

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