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Okay wait, before you continue reading, start your day going to your favorite coffee shop with a few of your best friends. I hope the barista gets your order right. Now sit back and relax, because it’s time for some last minute planning for the ultimate Friends-giving!. I’ll be there for you!

“I don’t even have a “pla”-Phoebe Buffay  

Well now you do, for the day at least! Friends is hands down my favorite comfort show. Before I begin, I just have to say I live by routines and planning, so I would definitely be Monica Geller in that way. Now, here is the “routine” with tips and tricks for spending your Friends-Giving with less stress and living like the Friends!

Feeling stressed about your Thanksgiving meal?: Eat like joey

At times it can be anxiety inducing and overwhelming with all the food, and suddenly your eyes are bigger than your stomach. The holiday’s can be a hard time for anyone, especially those dealing with body image or disordered eating thoughts. Joey has a healthy and positive relationship with food; food is his friend. Maybe don’t try and eat the whole turkey though, just enjoy it!

Not sure what to wear?: Dress like Rachel 

During thanksgiving, you may be seeing family, and or friends you haven’t seen in a while or just want to dress up for the holiday! Rachel Green is known for her fashion sense and there are many fall outfits to choose from. She emits confidence and is always fashionable and stylish. Rachel does what she wants and isn’t afraid to try new things.

Ready to impress your friends?: Cook like Monica 

Whether you are hosting or the guest bringing something, it’s important to cook up something everyone will enjoy. Make something delicious, or if you don’t trust your baking skills yet, maybe just get something from the store. Don’t want a “Rachels Trifle” situation. Monica is always the host, organized, and cooking new recipes.

Ready to create memories and stay present : Live like Phoebe 

Giving thanks and appreciating your life and those around you is something that can be easily forgotten. Embrace your inner child like Phoebe. Play games, music, and sing no matter how it sounds.

When thanksgiving conversations get awkward: Laugh like Chandler

Sometimes conversations at the table during thanksgiving can go from 0 to 100 real quick. Everyone is laughing and then someone brings up politics or if you are in a relationship. Best thing to do is laugh. In uncomfortable situations Chandler is always cracking jokes. Life isn’t so serious turn the negative into a positive!

And always try to: Care like Ross

Spending time with loved ones and people you are thankful for is a big part of thanksgiving. Support your friends and family, give advice and be accepting. Ross will always be there no matter what just saying “I’M FINE”

Enjoy your thanksgiving, and remember it’s the memories with family and friends that matter most. Connect with people you haven’t seen in a while and be thankful. It may be a challenge at times if anxious thoughts come up every now and then. It could also be a good challenge to be out of routine and try new things! You don’t always need a plan or need to be in control. There is something so special about just living in the moment. Just try not to get a turkey stuck on your head like Monica did.

Jaime Wolschleger

Bowling Green '24

Jaime is currently a sophomore at Bowling Green State University. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in nutrition. She is very passionate about helping other people through experience and spreading advice. She discusses creating balance, sharing her favorite thoughts on intuitive eating, self love, body image, anxiety + mental health, fitness, media and so much more!
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