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Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in gilmore girls
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in gilmore girls
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The Gilmore Boys in Ranking

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Gilmore Girls season is here and it is in full force. As fans know, Rory has many different love interests throughout the show. Everyone has their favorite and I’ve been told mine are interesting. So I’m here to give you my opinion and rank Rory’s boys.


I have always been a Dean girl from the second he appeared on screen. Dean was Rory’s first love and personally, I saw nothing wrong with him. Yes, there is the account on where he cheated on his wife with Rory. To me, that just means that he still loves her and he CLEARLY still thinks about her. I know most people think “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But here’s my thing, Dean never once cheated on Rory, he cheated on Lindsay WITH Rory, but never ON Rory. However, Dean did make Rory a car. HE BUILT HER A CAR. My standards have never been higher since seeing that.


Okay listen, I’m not the biggest fan of Logan but he did stick around the longest and has shown the most character change of the boys. At first, I knew that he was going to be a bad choice, but he slowly came around. I don’t like the way his family treats and acts towards Rory, but it is what it is, and that’s family. As we know Rory dropped out of Yale for a short time and was living in her grandparent’s pool house. While she was there that’s really when I wasn’t a fan of Logan, he wasn’t pushing her to go back and do great things. At this point, it felt like they were just together to have sex. Rory deserved someone better than that. He slowly got better and their relationship grew for the better. Yes, they took a break, but only for them to get better. However, I do not appreciate that he cheated on her while on the break. They eventually got over everything and lived together for a good while before Logan moved to New York.


Jess is third because he was just not a good fit for Rory. He was this stereotypical bad boy and yes this can be exciting, but not for her sweet innocent self. I just feel like Jess was inconsiderate of Rory’s feelings and got in the way of her and Dean’s relationship. Not to mention, HE WRECKED HER CAR, yeah, the one Dean made for her. I just never really thought that they had a good bond with each other.


I was even debating putting Tristan on this list because he has such a minor role in the entire show. Right when Rory got to Chilton he was instantly making fun of her and calling her ‘Mary’ as in the Virgin Mary, which I like to deem as a derogatory term because of the way he was using it. Tristan tried to get in the middle of her and Dean’s relationship which was not okay. Overall Tristan was just a mean person.

Obviously, I know my thoughts are different than most and everyone likes Logan, but he just has something off about him. Dean and Rory matched the best in my opinion because of how similar they were and he treated her the best. Not to mention that Lorelai liked Dean the best, she even said so herself. Anyway, this is just my opinion that I thought I would share because I know most people don’t think the same.

Emme Cloutier

Bowling Green '26

I am a sophomore at Bowling Green State University and am a Public Relations major.