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The Eight Best Ways to Spend Fall Around BG

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Welcome back, Falcons! It is officially Fall and I, for one, can not wait for the climate to cool down a bit. With the entrance of Fall also comes the romanticization of the season; the desire to participate in as many fun seasonal activities as possible. As we approach this season, I have decided to compile a personal bucket list of local Fall activities for the season, and figured there were a few falcons who could benefit from my findings! So, below I have compiled eight different activities for you to participate in whether that’s with friends, a partner, or even solo.

01. Fleitz Pumpkin Farm

If this isn’t your first Fall at BGSU, chances are you have heard of Fleitz. If you haven’t, you are in for a real treat! Fleitz is a family-owned farm located about forty minutes from the BGSU campus. Here you can find an impressive corn maze, a hayride, a petting zoo, fun photo locations, and of course; pumpkins!

I visited Fleitz for the first time last Fall and it was all-around a wonderful time. They have delicious snacks along with an overall very affordable experience. Admission to the farm is free, you only pay for the different activities you choose to participate in (for example: $2 admission to the corn maze). This is a definite must-do for any BG students who are looking to get the most out of their Fall season. You can visit their website for the most up-to-date pricing and hours.

02. Scenic Walk at Wintergarden

Another great way to celebrate the cooling climate is by taking the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Luckily, our campus is located minutes away from the beautiful Wintergarden Nature Preserve. This location is home to over 100 acres of breathtaking scenery that would no doubt put on a great display of Fall foliage. With the stress that may come with the midterm season approaching, a stroll through Wintergarden could be just what you need!

Wintergarden is located at the following address: 615 S Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green OH, 43402

03. Toledo Zoo’s Harvest Fest

A wonderful perk of attending a college in Bowling Green Ohio is how closely located we are to Toledo. A quick 30-minute drive up I-75 will land you at the Toledo Zoo. To celebrate the fall season, the zoo is hosting a “Harvest Fest,” which will feature many different seasonal events. One event in particular that caught my attention was their “U at the Zoo.” This event is specifically targeted for college students to attend on Thursday, October 5th from 5-9pm. If you present your student ID or course schedule, you have access to the following perks:

  • Free parking
  • Discounted park admission ($20)
  • Free/discounted food
  • Live music
  • Games
  • Animal encounters
  • Free t-shirts (for first 100 attendees)
  • Discounted zoo memberships ($25)

If you have ever considered buying a zoo membership (which allows you unlimited entrance to the zoo for an entire year), this is the perfect opportunity for you. These memberships are being sold to individuals for $25 (which is usually $55). This membership will ultimately pay for itself after one visit (normal park admission is $29). This could also be an amazing investment looking forward to the holiday season when they put on their holiday light display!

For any other info you may need, check out their website!

04. Johnston Fruit Farms

This next activity is completely new to me. I stumbled upon this place while researching, and this is one I am really looking forward to checking out. Johnston Fruit Farms is a family-run orchard that has been growing produce for the local community since the 1950s. The feature that stuck out most to me in terms of Fall activities is apple picking, but they also have other activities such as: a pumpkin wall, fresh produce available for purchase, apple cider, donuts, flower fields, and a petting zoo!

Admission and parking is free! You can find this orchard in Swanton, which is about 40 minutes from campus. Check out their website for complete details.

05. Haunted house

Another great way to celebrate fall, which is often referred to as “spooky season” is by actually getting spooked! Lucky for us, there is a haunted house located in town at the Woodland Mall. Distracted Haunted House is a site that promises a solid fright for all on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with an admission price of $24. After your scare, there is also complimentary hot cocoa and marshmallows available. I have personally never been to a haunted house before (and am frankly scared to go) but I have heard good things about Distracted, and look forward to possibly facing my fear this season at a location that is so close!

You can purchase tickets at the door or on their website!

06. Drive-In Movie

What better way to celebrate the chilly weather than by curling up to an outdoor movie with loved ones and warm blankets? Located just over 30 minutes from campus, Field of Dreams Drive-In offers a unique movie viewing experience where viewers can purchase tickets for showtimes and tune in via their car radio!

Their schedule for movies seems to change pretty frequently, but their current offerings are as follows:

  • Option One (for the Swifties!): Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Movie (showings starting October 13th)
  • Option Two (Halloween Double Feature): Hocus Pocus / Nightmare Before Christmas (showings starting October 27th)

You can find more about how their business works and specific hours on their website here!

07. Campus Quality Time

Many of the options I have listed so far require driving, which I know is not an option for everyone. Lucky for us, we attend a school that is BEAUTIFUL in the fall! You don’t necessarily need to go anywhere to get the best of the season. You can take advantage of the campus you attend and partake in outdoor activities while the climate is comfortable! Some ideas could include a picnic on the Quad, watching the sunset + stargazing at the hill by the football stadium, going for a walk, doing homework outside, etc. Dress yourself in a chunky sweater, grab some blankets, treat yourself to some Starbucks, and enjoy the brisk Fall air while we have it! :)

08. Cozy Night In

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m semi-addicted to fresh air. My list is very outside-heavy, and I understand that may not tickle everyone’s fancy. If you are a super busy student, you may want to spend your downtime “rotting” in your bed! Not to worry, you can get into the Fall spirit while also relaxing! You can grab some of your favorite snacks (bonus points if they’re fall-themed, such as Halloween candy or the Pillsbury sugar cookies), bundle up under some blankets, and watch some seasonal movies/shows! There is a BUNCH of Fall media out there for you to consume, but here is a very brief list of both to get you started–


  • Hocus Pocus
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Halloweentown
  • Scream

TV Shows:

  • Gilmore Girls
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Heartstopper
  • Pretty Little Liars

And with that, we have reached the end of my Fall festivities list. I hope you were able to find some new/exciting activities to try out this year!

Sarah Leming

Bowling Green '25

Hello, my name is Sarah (she/her)! I am currently a junior at Bowling Green State University. I am majoring in AYA ISS (teaching social studies to middle/high schoolers) with a minor in History! I am from Hilliard, OH (right outside of Columbus) and this is my second year on the Her Campus team. In my free time, I really enjoy listening to music, rewatching my favorite shows, and spending time with my friends/family! Within my family, I have two dogs– a Yorkipoo named Bailey and a Goldendoodle named Milo. Three of my favorite things of all time (and what i'll likely write about the most) include: Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Christmas!