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Tea! – Ranked by a Tea Company Intern

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

I’ve been an intern for Because UR Priceless Tea and Spice Company—a small business from Lake Orion, Michigan— for about four years. In that time, I’ve become very good at determining the distinct bodies of different teas. A little more background about my flavor background before my ranking: I tend to prefer more potent flavors (sour, sweet, aromatic) rather than subtle (typically vanilla-flavored teas) and non-caffeinated herbal teas compared to caffeinated teas. So, if you’re looking for a basic black caffeinated tea, I wouldn’t take my rating to heart.

1. Herbal Teas

Maybe it’s the fact that I was raised as an all-organic kid, or maybe I just like dynamic flavors, but herbal tea was the first type of tea I was introduced to and has stayed my favorite kind for years on end. With five unique flavor profiles, there’s something for everyone; Zingy, Subtle, Fruity, Aromatic, and Minty are what I’ve dubbed these categories.

Zingy Teas

I absolutely adore teas with a bit of a punch, these are the herbal teas that, if steeped too long, can become quite sour and bitter to the taste. In this tub of teas would be your citrus flavors: lemon, grapefruit, and orange, as well as your more floral flavors such as hibiscus and rose.

Subtle Teas

These teas, while still very flavorful tend to sit between the sweet and umami areas of the tongue. Lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm are most commonly found in this category as the main flavors.

Fruity Teas

My Starbucks refresher enthusiasts will be quite familiar with this category as one of the popular fruit teas includes one of Starbucks’ most popular drinks, Strawberry Acai. True as it may be, strawberries, apples, and elderberries are the most commonly used fruits in herbal teas, creating a whole new flavor profile dedicated to them.

Aromatic Teas

An entirely different flavor profile from the typically-sweet flavors above, aromatic teas are typically derived from spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove as well as from ginger. While aromatic teas provide a powerful punch like the zingers, it sits in a different area of the tongue.

Minty Teas

With two stems of mint to compare, spearmint and peppermint are very similar and yet very different in taste. Spearmint is milder as it has very little menthone (the chemical that provides the mint flavor) in it whereas Peppermint has a very intense amount of menthone and therefore a very intense mint flavor.

2. Black Teas

Chai Tea

A creamy tea created by a blend of aromatic herbal tea (cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg), black tea, and cream of your choice (I typically use almond milk). This is one of my favorite duality teas, Chai is perfect both hot and iced.

Earl Grey/London Fog

Another creamy tea created by a blend of black tea, bergamot, vanilla, (lavender for a London Fog), and cream of your choice. Another duality tea, I love to start my mornings with an iced Earl Grey in the summer and a hot London Fog in the winter.

3. Green Teas


A powdered green tea gone mainstream several years ago, Matcha has a very earthy flavor to it; not unlike beets, though I think Matcha is much more tasteful.

4. White Teas

White Peony

Now my favorite white peony tea also has flowering pineapple in it and so it flowers in the teapot or cup that the blend sits in; it matches the elegant taste of the tea which is subtle in flavor and smooth to sip.

Tea Time…!

Now all sorts of teas are appreciated by all sorts of tea drinkers, it really all depends on your tongue and the flavors you prefer. The list above just happens to be mine! If you’re looking for a great place to start tasting teas, head on over to www.becauseURpriceless.com and pick out a tin of loose-leaf tea (I recommend Keith’s Tea or Timey Whimey..Tea!) or pick up something new at your local supermarket, it’s all up to you! Enjoy your sipping!

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