Seven Things to Do for Fall

    It’s October! That means fall is upon us, and I can’t get enough of it. I love how the leaves fall off the trees in beautiful colors. It’s an excuse for me to wear flannels and hoodies every day.

            Of course, there’s always fun things to do for fall. If you’re bored out of your mind, grab your girl gang and take up some of these options that I like to do! Maybe you have your own, but you can always try something new.

1.     Paint or Carve a Pumpkin

This is always a must do for fall. There are local pumpkin patches with plenty of vegetable canvases that are waiting for your touch! I personally love painting them since it means I don’t have to gut out the pumpkin. Plus, you can practically paint whatever you want onto them! Acrylic paint always works best, so make sure you stock up on those if you plan on painting. They’re a super cute decoration for your room or apartment, and if you put a little bit of cinnamon into a carved pumpkin, it’ll smell good.

2.     Design a Halloween Costume

With October among us, that also means Halloween is fast approaching. Do you like fashion? Now’s your time to design that wickedly cool costume you’ve been dreaming of! There’s plenty of thrift stores to grab material from, and with a little touch of makeup, you could design anything! You can also grab your girl gang and dress up with them if you’d like. Who says you and your friends can’t dress up as the Plastics from Mean Girls? Absolutely nobody. Make Halloween yours this year!

3.     Complete a Corn Maze

Am I the only one who gets absolutely lost in these games? I hope not! Corn mazes are not only fun, but cheap as well! Get your gang and get lost in a maze. You never know what conversations lie in a corn maze, and how you can strengthen your friendship by working together. And you can totally get food afterwards! Who doesn’t like a good day out to the corn maze and food?

4.     Read a New Book

This one’s a little different, but books are one of my favorite things! I love to escape into new stories. The best way, in my opinion, is by turning on a little music, curling up in a blanket, and sipping some warm cocoa or coffee. Perfect for your Lazy Fall Sundays!

5.     Host a Photo Shoot!

Who doesn’t love fall photo shoots? The lighting is perfect if you go to a park or pumpkin patch on a sunny Saturday! All you need is a camera, your pals, and some good old times. Ride out to the site with some good tunes to jam to, ready your camera roll and get some pictures! Plus, you can always edit them later to post on your Instagram; you’ll get so many likes later!

6.     Decorate Some Cookies!

Who doesn’t love cookies? They’re super easy to bake, even if you’re not a baker yourself. You can buy premade dough and shape them into cute leaves or pumpkins. Invite your friends to have a decorating party later. Plus, you get handmade snacks for later! Perfect way to snack in class when the lecture’s getting boring.

7.     Have a Bonfire

This might be a little more difficult if you’re in a dorm, but if you have access to an outdoor area where it’s allowed, have a little bonfire. Feel the cool air against your face while you sit by a fire. Roast your last few marshmallows for the year and make a smore or two. Of course, if you’re unable to find a place, you can always make a smore in your microwave. Still works, right?


Like I said before, fall is one of my favorite seasons! You can do so many fun things without having to spend a ton of money. And these activities are the perfect escape from your schoolwork. Have some fun this fall!