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American Horror Story (AHS) has been gracing our screens since 2011. Upon rewatching the show, here are my thoughts on each season from worst to best.


American Horror Story NYC is the 12th season of the show and in my opinion, it is the worst. I don’t have much to say about this season but the first two episodes were enough to make me not finish. It did not suck me in at all like the seasons usually do.

11. AHS Delicate

As of right now season 12 of AHS is still currently airing so it is hard to place. It seems that the recent seasons of the show have not been hitting the usual standard for the show. I must say, Kim K has surprised me. I had her bar set low, and she is not half bad at acting. Emma Roberts is still carrying this season though.

10. AHS DOuble feature

Fittingly the 10th season places in spot 10. This season was split in half with two totally unrelated storylines. The first five episodes take place in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and deal with a family who learns about the town’s weird inhabitants, eventually becoming one themselves. The second half is about Area 51. Which was a good idea in theory. The problem with this season is the fact that it is two seasons crammed into one, and it doesn’t flow well.

9. AHS freak show

Season four, Freakshow, has many people’s hearts, but not mine. The cast for this season is spectacular, as most of the earlier seasons are, however, the season drags on. The first time I watched this show I could not finish Freakshow. I only finished it when I was quarantined in 2020. The problem with this season is that it is hard to follow. There are so many storylines going on that it is hard to keep track. And the best plot point (Twisty the Clown) ends halfway through the season, leaving us with a whole lot of nothing.

8. AHS cult

This season is whiny. Cult is season 7 of American Horror Story and by far has the most annoying characters. There was not one likable character in this season, besides Ally and Oz. And even Ally was insufferable at first. The only good point in this season (spoiler alert) is when Ally poisons Ivy, ultimately resulting in her death.

7. AHS Hotel

This is where this list starts getting hard. None of these seasons are particularly bad to me, some just are more enjoyable to watch than others. Like Freakshow, season five, Hotel, drags on. The shining star is Lady Gaga who absolutely slayed her role as Elizabeth. The plot of Hotel is pretty forgettable and it holds the same concept as season one Murder House. If you die in the Hotel, your ghost stays there forever. This season is a whole lot of blood, sex, and impeccable fashion.


Season eight is the season of nostalgia, and while that is its greatest strength, it is also its downfall. The season is about the end of the world, hence the name. However, it has a weird time jump, leaving most of the characters we got to know at the beginning of the season irrelevant. We do get to venture back to Murder House, and the main cast includes the lovely witches from Coven.

5. AHS Roanoke

An overly-hated season in my opinion. Season six, Roanoke was the only season of American Horror Story that really brought the horror. It had the best jump-scares and overall the most terrifying plot. However, this one is higher on the list because the second half of the season is dumb. The first half is a television show called “My Roanoke Nightmare” and has actors playing real people sharing their experiences from living in Roanoke (It’s a TV show inside a TV show). In the second half, the actors from the show meet up with the ‘real people’ to go back to Roanoke as a reality show. See even explaining it was confusing! Therefore, making the second half quite unenjoyable.

4. AHS coven

Season three, Coven, is iconic, but slow. Not a lot goes on besides mean girl behavior and death. This may sound crazy, but the season really drags. All of the plot happens within the last couple of episodes which leads to a great ending. But, this season overall is a really great season. The characters really make up for the slow plot. Queenie and Madison give us some iconic quotes.

3. AHS Asylum

HELP, HES ESCAPING, THE KILLER IS ESCAPING! You may have heard that sound going around a while ago on TikTok. Well, it’s from season two, Asylum. This season overall is fabulous. It takes place in 1964 and is about a girl who goes to an insane asylum after being accused of killing someone. A large majority of the season is about a serial killer and a reporter who ends up getting stuck in the asylum for being a lesbian and is forced to go through conversion therapy. Overall this season has a ton of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. I do have two complaints though, what the heck is up with the aliens, and did one of the villains have to have the same name as me (no seriously Arden isn’t a common name)?

2. Murder House

The first season of AHS is arguably one of the best. The cast is amazing and so is the plot. There are many plot twists that keep you interested in the show. Throughout the season you learn all about the ghosts that inhabit the house and how they died. It’s quite an interesting concept and is a great watch for sure.

1. AHS 1984

This is a hot take. But I feel as though season nine, 1984 is the best season, or maybe it’s because I love a good camp slasher. This season plays on that slasher stereotype but elevates it with twists. While it still has the horror aspect the season still plays with humor and has overall lovable characters. Definitely worth the watch.

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