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Being an avid Teen Wolf fan, I was excited for this movie to release. Upon watching it, I have some thoughts.


The plot was okay? The movie was only two hours, which created a rushed feeling throughout the entire film. I think that it would have faired better as a miniseries, so that the plot could have had time to fix its multiple plot holes.

Here are some of the problems with the plot:

1.Who is Hikari? The film introduces us to two new characters, Eli Hale and Hikari. While we get to know most of Elis life, (except to fact we have no clue who his mother is!). With Hikari, we are given nothing. The movie actually starts with her and Liam in Japan. However we get no backstory at all. We do not know why Liam is in Japan or why he started dating Hikari. Furthermore, we know nothing about Hikari. Just that she is a Kitsune. It is evident throughout the movie though, that she is one badass!

2. Why do Hikari and Liam have the triskele? In the series, Isaac Lahey took it France with him. So how did it get to Japan? I guess we’ll never know.

3. As I mentioned earlier, who is Elis mother? We know his father is Derek Hale, but why is he a single father? It seems so random that Derek is a father, I mean I love it, but still.

4. Derek did not have to die. I get what they were trying to do, but in his death scene, there is a clip where it shows Parrish holding the nogitsune on his own. The whole point of Derek sacrificing himself was because Parrish could not hold onto the nogitsune all alone, but he did.

5. This is probably the biggest plot hole of the entire series. Allison Argents resurrection. Allison died in the end of season three by the nogitsune. Now, 15 years later she is calling out from Bardo. Why 15 years later? She also gets recruited by a tree, dirt and the sword that killed her. Like was it that easy? It just seemed so lack luster after all those years of her being dead.

6.Another plot from season three was the death of their chemistry teacher. Mr. Harris ,who was used as a human sacrifice in 3A. He was dead. But now in the movie he is alive and was the one who set the nogitsune free?? His return was even stranger than Allison’s, how does he come back to life? We at least saw how Allison was brought back.

7. My last main plot hole is coach coming to Derek’s funeral. Now this one was not as glaring as the others, but there is literally a line in the movie where Coach says he does not know who Derek is. So if he does not even know who Derek is, why was he invited?

Getting those main plot holes out of the way, the rest wasn’t too bad. Of course it was rushed, but the character chemistry was good! I do wish we got more interactions however. Liam and Mason are best friends and yet they did not interact the entire movie. In fact they were barely in the movie. Liam is Scott’s beta and he did not really do any fighting with Scott, he just sat with Hikari the whole time. Liam was one of my favorite characters in the series, the movie did not do him justice. The movie actually did not give a lot of them justice. Half of the relationships we had in the show seemed to be gone without any explanation, such as Chris and Melissa.

I have been sharing a lot of negatives about this film, but there were serval things I did enjoy.

1.Scallison. In my mind Scott and Allison have always been soulmates. I was so happy to see them together in the movie. They had several cute moments and it reminded me why I loved them together in the first place.

2. Eli Hale. Eli was such a good character. He had Stiles like humor, and a youthfulness the film needed. His dynamic with Derek was also great. While the original Teen Wolf was a coming of age story for Scott, the movie was for Eli. Scott finally helped Eli embrace the fact he was a werewolf.

3. Jackson and Coach were a great addition to the movie. They added lightness and humor to a relatively dark movie. They were the same as they had always been and it was refreshing to see!

Overall this movie was okay. It pales in comparison to the show, but hey you can’t recreate something that was already a masterpiece. I did wish that the movie included, Stiles, Kira, Theo and Isaac, but I do not think the movie was ruined without them. If you are a big Stiles fan though, sorry to disappoint, but the show wasn’t about Stiles either!

Arden Lewis

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Hi! My name is Arden and I am a junior at Bowling Green State University. I am majoring in Public Relations. I love reading and keeping up with tv shows and movies! I also love anything marvel and musical theater!