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Here is a list of 10 of my favorite movies from 2023. Some are well known and some are hidden gems, but before you indulge in 2024, go back and watch some of 2023’s best movies.

Anyone But You

This rom-com is taking over TikTok with people calling it the rom-com of the century. Now that is not true at all but it is a heartwarming and funny movie to watch with your girls. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell gave a very convincing performance on and off screen that had fans thinking they were secretly a couple. Anyone But You is currently in theaters and rated R.

Take Care Of Maya

This heart-wrenching documentary brought tears to my eyes. It follows the story of Maya Kowalski and her family as they fought against Maya’s unusual disease and pressure from outside sources. Her story is now known nationwide and has educated many people on her condition and her powerful story. Take Care Of Maya is available to stream on Netflix and is rated PG-13.


“About a plastic doll with big boobies.” Barbie is so much more. Margot Robbie and Ryan Reynolds star in this empowering movie about the beloved toy Barbie. Barbie has been praised worldwide for how it empowers women and touches on everything that women have to go through in the world. Jo Koy’s “joke” at the Golden Globes is one of the reasons America needs movies like Barbie. Barbie is available to stream on Max and is rated PG-13.


From the producers of the 2018 film Searching, Missing follows a young girl as she looks for her mother who has suddenly disappeared. The best thing about this film is that it was all solely filmed on computer screens. Storm Reid and Nia Long star in this movie that is guaranteed to leave your jaw dropped. Missing is available to stream on Netflix and is rated PG-13.


This action movie grabbed the attention of TikTok for a few months. Following a pregnant mother on her journey alone after a storm knocks the storage constraint she was hiding in into the ocean. The movie has you on the edge of your seat rooting for her and concerned for what could happen next. Nowhere is available to stream on Netflix and is rated R.


In this prequel to the classic family movie about a chocolate factory, Timothee Chalamet gives an outstanding performance that is fun for the entire family. From music to laughs, Wonka is a movie that keeps you engaged the whole time and leaves you with a smile on your face. Wonka is currently in theaters and is rated PG.

You People

This comedy/romance that speaks on interracial relationships keeps you laughing the whole ride. Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy lead along with Nia Long and Lauren London in this hilarious comedy. You People is available to stream on Netflix and is rated R.


From bathtub water to graveyards, Saltburn is one of the most jaw-dropping movies of 2023. Following two young adult men who grow closer at one’s family estate, Saltburn has left an impression on the world. Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan lead in this dark comedic psychological thriller. Saltburn is available to stream on Amazon Prime and is rated R.

Fair Play

One of my favorite movies of 2023, Fair Play, is a thriller movie that speaks volumes on women vs men in the workplace. Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich play an engaged couple whose romance begins to take turns when a promotion in their workplace is up for grabs. This movie left me stunned. Fair Play is available to stream on Netflix and is rated R.

Saw X

For lovers of horror and lovers of the iconic series, Saw X is arguably one of the best in the series. Tobin Bell stars in this gory horror film that explains more of the Saw storyline. This was one of my favorite horror movies from 2023. Saw X is currently available for digital purchase and on DVD.

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