Meet King Princess

Looking for some swoon worthy ballads that’ll make you want to dance around in your bedroom? Well then King Princess might just be for you! Singer Mikaela Mullaney Straus has been slowly rising to fame over the last couple years by cranking out ballads about love, life, and the LGBTQIA+. Her first EP Make My Bed (2018) contained croon-worthy songs such as 1950 and Upper West Side. During late October of this year, Straus had released her first studio album titled Cheap Queen. They are currently signed to other artist Mark Ronson’s label, Zelig Records, which is an imprint of Columbia Records. Some of my favorite songs by her would be Talia, 1950, Pussy Is God, and Holy.

A little bit about what makes King Princess great is that they are not afraid to show and be proud of their sexuality. “If straight people can come in here and talk about [having sex] all day and who they want to be able to sleep with, why the hell can’t I?” she says. “Good music is good music, I’m not changing to adapt to a system that is broken” she stated in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. “I am writing it for younger me because I didn’t have anyone else like me to listen to. And I am writing it for the kids who are like me.” And she does just that and so much more. I had the opportunity to see her live July 2019, and she did not fail to make those who typically would feel outcasted welcomed and loved. Straus identifies as genderqueer as well as gay and uses she/her pronouns. She continues to put on a fantastic show– sometimes bringing drag queens onto her sets and having them perform alongside with her or in their own segment– and makes her fans feel like family as they all dance and sway to every melody.

Image of King Princess performing at MoPop 2019 by Taylor Eureste

King Princess is currently on her North American 2019-2020 tour. You can grab your seats or be redirected to listen to her music on any platform here!