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Meet Chappell Roan – the Super Graphic Ultra Modern Queer Pop Sensation of 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Hi, it’s Chappell, I know you just landed
And I know you’re probably busy but
I would love to see you so
Call me when you can!

-“Naked in Manhattan”

Who is SHEeeee?!

Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, or otherwise known on stage as Chappell Roan (pronounced CHAP-əl ROHN), is a 25 year old American singer-songwriter out of California. She has exploded in popularity in the past year with her release of her debut album, The Rise and Fall of A Midwest Princess. Roan has loved music since she was a little girl, making her way through songwriting camps, Christmas pageants, music showcases, and endless uploads to Youtube to get where she is now. Roan is known for her campy, glittery, flamboyant, drag-esque shows where she sings about the queer experience, growing up, defying norms, and living your most freaky, non-apologetic life in dazzlingly ravishing costumes. The Rise and Fall of A Midwest Princess came out September 22nd, 2023, with 14 star-studded tracks that hit right where it hurts! Roan’s songs are vibrant and LOUD. Between the echoing melancholia of “Casual” and call and response of “HOT TO GO!,” her range varies greatly. There is a track for everyone on this record– especially the queers. The album is an amalgamation of sounds; Roan often touting the dance-pop label as well as synth-pop, which pays homage to the 80s and early 2000s hits like “Take on Me” by A-ha and any Lady Gaga song. Chappell Roan is a stage name crafted from her grandfather’s surname, Chappell, and his favorite song, “The Strawberry Roan” by Marty Robbins. This birthplace of her name ties directly into the themes of her songs on the record: western, nightlife, romance, futuristic and more.

The Importance of Queer Pop Music

I love queer women in music, but I also love them in film, literature, photography, etc! I love queer women in general!!! Chappell Roan’s music is really important to me because it speaks to her journey of self expression. Where I might not have as drastic of a story to tell, leaving my hometown and going off to higher education has provided me with a space and opportunities to embrace my true self and my queerness. I love all of the queer people have met in college, and I am so grateful to all of the clubs and classes I have found myself in where I can connect with these people. To the heteronormative majority, being queer is very isolating. So many factors play into this and everyone goes through life differently, but most of us are just trying to find people who share the same struggles. Roan’ music specifically dives into being a sapphic woman (women who are attracted to other women) and all of the mess and beauty associated with that.

My favorite tracks include: “Picture You” which is a haunting ballad of Roan yearning to see if the one she loves perceives her as she tries to present herself. Her vocals are incredibly smooth and she really embraces the depth of her alto range.

“Naked In Manhattan” which recounts a first experience with a woman. I love the lines,

“New crush, high school love again
The rush of slumber party kissing.”

I think it really captures the excitement and energy behind the first experience one has with a woman.

“Red Wine Supernova” is another track which deals with this subject matter and the bridge is TO DIE FOR! Roan explained in an interview with Pop Buzz that when she was writing this song, she was having difficulty deciding which route to go with it and she decided she wanted a bridge that she could have fun with and enjoy performing to an audience, one you could scream with your friends, and this bridge is just that. She’s also commented that,

“I needed a campy gay girl song that captured the magic of having feelings for another girl. I packed the song with fun raunchy lyrics that make it feel like a night out flirting with the girl across the bar!” – Brooklyn Vegan

My last favorite track is “My Kink Is Karma” which goes through the feelings after breaking up with an ex and watching their life go up in flames and finding joy in that. This track is feminine rage in its finest form, eeeeeek!!! The secret revenge we all hold after being slighted by an ex is expressed here and I love it.

Roan will be on tour all spring and summer, opening for Olivia Rodrigo on the GUTS World Tour as well as her own tour, The Midwest Princess Tour. I will be at Olivia’s show in Columbus and Chappell’s in Cleveland :) I cannot wait to dress up and scream these songs from the top of my lungs!

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https://youtu.be/PF96UOuIHw0?si=X9dKs4MFcSs869nI – Pop Buzz Interview

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