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Kylie’s Dress Picks and Tips for a Wedding Guest

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If you’re like me and you’re hitting your early twenties, then chances are, you’ve started noticing a trend in your classes…engagement rings. It’s “ring-by-spring” time and the wedding bells seem to be sparing no one (except for me, unfortunately). Being that a few of my friends are recently engaged and soon to be married, I found myself looking for college-budget-friendly formal gowns that were suitable for spring weddings without being too “prom-y”.

Luckily, I consider myself a bit of a ballgown connoisseur, as my closet seems to always have at least two formal gowns in it and my bank account is always empty. My absolute favorite (AND AFFORDABLE) dress company is Ever-Pretty. Ever-Pretty has a wide selection of different dress styles and sizes, including custom sizes!! While having a reliable website (with coupon codes, might I add), if you’re looking for instant shipping or the comfort of using Amazon, most Ever-Pretty gowns can also be found in their Amazon storefront.

Including my spring wedding guest dress of choice! The wedding I will be attending is set for the second week of May, meaning that the weather will probably be somewhere in the sixties, perfect for the full length of this A-line evening gown, and the gauzy tulle of the draped cold shoulder will be a perfect addition in case the wind decides to pick up. The color scheme for the wedding is blues and greens, so in order to set myself apart from the bridal party, I went with a rose gold color, that would compliment the color of my friends’ dresses.

When looking to purchase a formal gown, you want to make sure that you’re reading the sizing charts and reviews before clicking the final purchase button, as most dress companies are final sale only. Ever-Pretty does offer returns and exchanges for a few of their dresses but you’ll want to make sure that you read the description to find out if that includes your dress of choice. Most companies also include a size chart with bust, height, and hip measurements so you can make sure you’re getting the right size. A trick I like to use as a baseline when figuring out what dress size to wear is based on the size of your jeans! I can wear a size 4 at the tightest and an 8 at the largest but most of my jeans are a six, my dress size also happens to be a 6. However, dresses can always be altered to fit tighter, so if you are worried about ordering a certain size, my advice is to order the next size up.

Concerned about color? Don’t be! There are several different ways to narrow down which colors are best to dress in.

Way One: Seasonal Colors – Although you may want to check with someone if you chose a shade of red. Red can be an…interesting choice at a wedding if you know the context of the color.

Spring – Pastels or Light Neutrals – Blush, Rose Gold, Sage, Mint, Sky, Daffodil, Dusty Blue, Lilac, Lavender, and Ivory.

Summer – Bright and Bold Colors – Cherry, Avocado, Green Bean, Coral, Orchid, Royal Blue, Teal, and Hot Pink.

Fall – Darker or Deeper Neutrals – Forest, Mist, Brick, Burgandy, Mulberry, Stormy, Mushroom, and Cameo Brown.

Winter – Dark and Bold Colors – Vermillion, Plum, Navy, Emerald, Silver, Mauve, Champagne, Sapphire, and Black.

Way Two: Coordinating Colors – Now this method is totally dependent on your date’s or the bridal party’s color scheme. As I am tragically single, my sister will be attending as my plus one, she’ll be wearing this Blue Ballgown – another budget-friendly option is to re-wear old formal dresses! The wedding we’re attending has a cold tone color scheme made up of blues and greens, and luckily the shade of royal blue that my sister’s wearing is not one of their colors.

The most important thing to remember is NOT TO SHOW UP IN WHITE! That’s really just a big no-no. Other than that, just have fun! Remember that you are there to celebrate the joyous joining of two people in matrimony!!

Kylie Schmehl

Bowling Green '25

Kylie is an AYA: ILA student at Bowling Green State University, which means she's studying to teach English and Drama at the middle and high school level. She loves music, theatre, and poetry. Kylie is passionate about self-discovery and so she'll try just about any new classification quiz. She's an Enneagram 9, an INFP, and her love language is Acts of Service.