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Julia’s Four Essentials to Survive the Cold

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With winter right around the corner and the air already getting cold and dry, its important to be kind to your skin and hair. I have always been a girly with dry and sensitive skin, and the products below are what I have found to work for me. Do remember that everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you.

Maui Moisture Hair Masks

This product is one of my new favorites! My hair gets dry and frizzy easily, probably because I am a culprit of steamy hot showers which is not good for your hair, ESPECIALLY in the winter. After I shampoo and condition, I’ll grab this hair mask and run it all through my hair, except for the roots. I’ll let the mask sit on my hair while I finish my shower. Once I’m done, ill turn the water temperature down and rinse out the hair mask. Since using this product, my hair has gotten more shiny and a lot less dry and frizzy. What I also love is that it is AFFORDABLE, you can pick it up at ULTA Beauty for $10.80.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub

In the winter you NEED to exfoliate your skin. I love the Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs for this. They smell so yummy and leave my skin feeling new again. They have so many scents to choose from, you’ll definitely find one to fall in love with. Tree Hut also has a line of body butters that match their sugar scrubs so you can moisturize after your shower with the same scent. The sugar scrubs run at about $8 and last what feels like forever.


This is a product I use literally every day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lubriderm lotion. It is an unscented lotion that provides so much moisture without that “sticky” feeling. This product is perfect for people with sensitive skin as it is fragrance-free. I personally use the Daily Moisture lotion but they also have an Advanced and an Intense Repair product depending on your skin’s needs. I use this product head to toe after my showers and throughout the day when my hands or other parts of my skin feel dry. The giant 32 Fl. Oz. bottle runs for less than $15 and is definitely worth picking up on your next grocery run!


Last but certainly not least is Aquaphor. The Aquaphor phenomenon has taken over my friend group. This is the only product we will use on our chapped lips anymore. When we leave the house, each person has at least one, if not more, tubes of Aquaphor on them. Aquaphor provides instant relief to my chapped lips and even when they aren’t chapped, it makes a good little lip gloss. Some lip balms feel “waxy”, but not Aquaphor! It is so smooth going on and if I grab too much, I’ll rub what is leftover from my finger onto my cuticles. Aquaphor comes in tubes of different sizes and they even started making them in an actual stick of lip balm instead of the kind that you squeeze onto your finger and apply from there. My favorite is the healing ointment tubes that you squeeze on your finger! They run at different prices depending on the size of the tube or if it is a value pack but the medium 1.75 Oz. tubes are usually $6 to $8.

Julia Borodkin

Bowling Green '25

Hey! I'm Julia, a junior at BGSU studying Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. I enjoy reading romance novels, listening to podcasts and being outdoors. I am originally from Akron, OH and am excited to be part of the Her Campus Team! :)