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I’m “Obsessed” with Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS (spilled): Deluxe Album Review

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I am turning into quite the music journalist. Someone call Rolling Stone.

Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album, GUTS, came out in September of last year, breaking records and topping charts like crazy. On March 22nd, Rodrigo released GUTS (spilled), the deluxe version of the album featuring 5 new tracks. Four of them were released on the vinyl variants from her website, and the fifth was a completely new track. At her first of two shows in Chicago, at the end of “get him back!” her and her background dancers posed with pieces of paper with the track titles in big black letters, and the crowd erupted. She also announced the premier of the “obsessed” music video that night.

I really loved the new tracks from the start, and typically, it takes me a few listens to get acquainted and fall in love with new music, but not this time around! Here is my mini review of each track and their place in the album as a whole!

“obsessed” – This one is gritty and nasty and so freaking good. Rodrigo laments over her current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, explaining how much she envies her, and how she is quite frankly, obsessed with her. My favorite part is definitely the bridge where she whisper-screams/sings,

Is she friends with your friends?/ Is she good in bed?
Do you think about her?/ No, I’m fine, it doesn’t matter, tell me
Is she easy-going?/ Ever controlling?
Well-traveled?/ Well-read?/ Oh God, she makes me so upset!

I think Rodrigo effectively appeals to her audience of teenage girls with this song (she usually does, it’s just extra prevalent here). I think she perfectly bounces back and forth between the conflicting thoughts that one has when thinking about their boyfriend’s ex! Plus, the grungy beat and catchy lyrics are just so much fun to scream, making this song a hit.

“girl i’ve always been” – This was a surprise to hear when listening for the first time as I think Rodrigo has a twinge of folk in her delivery of this song. It sounds extremely similar to “Canyon Moon” by Harry Styles and I love it so much. Her voice is raspy and breathy and I think it is a super fun turn in style for her. It reminds me a lot of Fleetwood Mac’s stuff as well. My favorite part is the second verse:

So don’t say that I’ve been actin’ different
I’m nothin’ if I’m not consistent
You knew everything you’d be gettin’
I told you right from the beginnin’

Coming from an honest and up-front gal, Rodrigo couldn’t have said it any better. Staying true to yourself is so important and Rodrigo makes this explicitly clear in this song.

“scared of my guitar” – From one creative to another, I think this song is universally relatable. For Rodrigo, it’s her guitar and songwriting as an art form, and for me, it is making art and writing. If I get started on an art piece or a poem or an entry in my journal, it’s all over for everyone involved!!! Rodrigo writes,

But I’m so scared of my guitar
‘Cause it cuts right through to the heart
Yeah, it knows me too well so I got no excuse
I can’t lie to it the same way that I lie to you

Art is such a personal endeavor, and I find I weave bits and pieces of my life and my thoughts and feelings into my art, and even more so in my writing. I think Rodrigo was extremely vulnerable in this song and crafted a beautiful ballad of becoming one with your feelings and expressing them through your art.

“stranger” – Rodrigo tells the story of healing after a past relationship with this song.

‘Cause I was half myself without you and now I feel so complete
And I can’t even remember what made me lose all that sleep
I criеd a million rivers for you, but that’s over now
You’re just a strangеr I know everything about

I think this song perfectly encapsulates how rewarding emotional growth can be after pain and heartbreak that one goes through after losing someone. Even though it hurts, Rodrigo acknowledges that it’s for the better and the anger she once felt is gone and she is finally at peace. This song is very cathartic for everyone who has experienced a painful breakup and further reminds the listener that you can and will find peace eventually. I am a big believer in time heals all wounds, even if it’s slowly. It will get better.

“so american” – I LOVE A LOVE SONG!!!! Especially one with this much energy and enthusiasm. I couldn’t just choose one favorite part of this song, so I figured I’d annotate the entire thing to the best of my ability on here:

Drivin’ on the right-side road
He says I’m pretty wearin’ his clothes
And he’s got hands that make hell seem cold (ONE OF MY FAV LINES AHHHHHH ITS SO GOOD)
Feet on the dashboard, he’s like a poem I wish I wrote (Poetry girls rise)
I wish I wrote

When he laughs at all my jokes
And he says I’m so American
Oh God, it’s just not fair of him
To make me feel this much (real)
I’ll go anywhere he goes
And he says I’m so American
Oh God, I’m gonna marry him
If he keeps this shit up
I might just be in lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love

God, I’m so boring and I’m so rude
Can’t have a conversation if it’s not all about you
The way you dress and the books you read (Louis Partridge, I want to be friends on Goodreads)
I really love my bed, but, man, it’s hard to sleep when he’s with me
When he’s with me

(Chorus again)

I apologize if it’s a little too much, just a little too soon (#relatable)
But if the conversation ever were to come up
I don’t wanna assume this stuff (Communication is key, friends)
But ain’t it love?
Think I’m in love

When he laughs at all my jokes
And he says I’m so American
Oh God, it’s just not fair of him
To make me feel this much
I’ll go anywhere he goes
And he says I’m so American
Oh God, I’m gonna marry him
If he keeps this shit up
I might just be in lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love (I love this little trill, it feels like an accurate representation of the word ‘love’ in my head)

Olivia Rodrigo- thank you for an album for all of the emotionally in-tune, big-hearted, lover-girls. I couldn’t be more grateful. This album came out at such a fun time in my life, my sophomore year of college when I finally felt like I found my place at school and met so many great new people. I am so thankful for the fun memories I associate with your music and I’m so excited to keep growing with you! I think that this album, although SOUR holds a special place in my heart, is my favorite of yours. I am so excited to finally have time this summer to make art from this album.

IMG 3490IMG 3476IMG 3085IMG 3513

Here are some photos from my concert in Columbus :)

Listen to GUTS here!

Much lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love,


Grace Heerdt

Bowling Green '26

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