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Now that it is October and Fall is in full swing, it is an excellent time to explore new music to enjoy this season. I have prepared a list of songs from different genres so that all music lovers can have a chance to find their perfect fall anthem.

Rhiannon By Fleetwood Mac

“Rhiannon” is the perfect song to listen to this month if you are into the spooky scene. Stevie Nicks wrote this song after reading the supernatural horror novel Triad by Mary Leader. This song covers everything spooky from black cats, witches, darkness, wind, and more. It is not clear if Rhiannon is meant to portray a goddess, witch, mortal woman, or all three. Regardless of who Rhiannon is meant to be Fleetwood Mac captures the feeling of magic and puts it into this song making it perfect to listen to as Halloween approaches.

The View Between Villages (Extended) By Noah Kahan

“The View Between Villages” is about returning to your hometown as an adult. Not only does Noah Kahan capture the bittersweet feeling of returning home, but also all the painful memories that can return as you do as well. One verse says, “A minute from home, but I feel so far from it.” I am convinced this song is made to be played on your way home for fall break or on your way back to college.

Slime You Out (feat. SZA) By Drake

“October is all about me ’cause your turn should’ve been over” is a verse from “Slime You Out,” which quickly had me adding it to my playlist. Drake’s birthday is in October, and he takes pride in that so it’s no wonder this verse shows up in his song. This song has quickly become many people’s anthem lately and it is clear why. SZA’s verse is the reason I feel so drawn towards it. SZA sings about men and some of their bad tendencies, which many women around the world can relate to. Right now, “Slime You Out” seems to be the R&B song of the fall season.

Nutshell By Alice In Chains

I don’t think any fall season is complete without listening to some alternative rock. “Nutshell” is a perfect Fall song for me because of the instrumentals the song has. The introduction to the song feels like a gloomy Fall day. This song was ranked number nine on Rolling Stones’s readers’ poll “The 10 Saddest Songs of All Time.” Which I think embodies Fall overall, even though the leaves are stunning, Fall is the kiss of death to summer.

My Love Mine All Mine By Mitski

“My Love Mine All Mine” stands out as a Fall song right away because the moon Mitski refers to in the first line is one of the main themes of the song. This is off a new Mitski album that is titled The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We. I feel like the album title alone says enough about the style she went with for this album. This is like Lana Del Rey meets Phoebe Bridgers. This song is so special to Mitski’s discography because of its unique ability to mend your heart while most of her songs are heartbreakers.

Glitch By Taylor Swift

“Glitch” is about a situation-ship gone too far, but that’s not why I want to bring this song to your attention. Swifties are in for an interesting fall as Taylor Swift prepares to drop 1989 (Taylor’s Version), but not without several easter eggs along the way. Taylor’s website was seen glitching along with a post on Taylor Nation a few weeks ago. A million theories are floating around that she will be dropping reputation (Taylor’s Version) with 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on October 27th. The cover art for this specific song is also glitching. This is the song to build suspense while we wait for October 27th.

Hollow By Pantera

“Hollow” is a very dark song for a spooky fall vibe. This song is written about the death of one of the band members’ best friends. However, this is a song where I see the instruments set the tone. I can easily see this song being played at a haunted house due to the darkness associated with it.

Boys of Faith (Feat. Bon Iver) By Zach Bryan

This track is considered an “autumnal Americana” track by the Rolling Stones. The main idea of the song revolves around dealing with a sad year and growing older, however, the song is still fairly new so I am sure more details of the message behind the song will be revealed with time. The Bon Iver feature adds to the vibe of this song and makes it a staple fall song.

Me & My Dog By Boygenius

This track is about having a panic attack and trying to escape the panic attack with your dog. This is the perfect song for anyone missing their dog or dogs from home. As someone who has struggled with anxiety for most of my life, this song is the equivalent of a weighted blanket for me. Every time I listen to the song it reminds me that I am not alone with how I am feeling. Fall is a beautiful season but for many, it is also the start of a decline in their mental health for those who struggle with seasonal depression. It is important to remember that you are not alone with your feelings and this song is a great reminder of that.

The Summer Ends By American Football

The Summer Ends is obviously about endings. This song is about the singer saying goodbye to his ex-girlfriend. It is important to note that this song is also about how beautiful endings can be, so try not to get lost in the sadness of the song in the beginning. As summer ends and fall begins, we can see the beauty of saying goodbye as the leaves go from a cool green to a fiery red. This track is perfect for a fall evening.

Here is a playlist of the songs listed above.
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