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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Background: What is @HarriesofBGSU?

Hello, dear reader!

Today I come to you with an exposé of a beloved BGSU fan account: @HarriesofBGSU. For those who may be unfamiliar, @HarriesofBGSU is an account on Instagram that is known for editing Harry Styles on Bowling Green State University’s campus. This account posted for the first time on October 21st, 2021 with a picture of Harry in front of the infamous BG “letters” in the oval.

This account quickly grabbed the heart of many Falcons, with many enthused comments such as:


@thisisandra on Instagram

“shut up this is my new favorite account”

@meganmacadams on Instagram

“i’ve never felt more represented at bgsu”

@kashraee on Instagram

This account gained a decent bit of traction early on, accumulating 200+ likes on their first post and 1,000 followers on March 24th, 2022. Our Her Campus team even reported on this account, with former chapter president Anna Kubitz interviewing them on their inspiration for the account (which you can check out here).

One of the most popular posts on the account was uploaded on the same day that Harry’s album Harry’s House was announced (March 23rd, 2022), editing our beloved sibling mascots, Freddie and Frieda, onto the newly released cover.

The account also sells merch through a Redbubble shop– selling stickers, buttons, and more with designs of BG-themed Harry content.

The lingering question: Who Runs @HarriesofBGSU?

This account has been up for over 2 years, but it seems nobody has figured out the face of the person behind it. Today, dear readers, I am happy to be the first to break the news of the person that runs this account.

The truth is, @HarriesofBGSU is run by me!

Hello! I’m Sarah, and I created the account in October of 2021. I created this account while in the depths of my Post-Concert Depression (PCD) from Harry’s Love on Tour show in Cleveland on October 18th of 2021. The shows he puts on are so energetic and full of love, it makes leaving very hard, even to return to our beloved Bowling Green.

The phenomenon of the ‘Harries’ accounts of other college campuses had just taken off (read more in Anna’s article about this) and I waited patiently, for a day or two, for someone to create an account for Bowling Green! Eventually, I grew impatient and creativity struck! I decided to take on the challenge of starting up the account myself!

Before starting this account, I had never edited pictures before. My first attempt at photo editing was with the creation of the account’s profile picture and immediately followed with the previously-mentioned first post. I was able to quickly pick up on the features PicsArt had to offer and fell in love with editing my favorite celebrity on my campus. As the account grew, I loved interacting with fellow Harry Styles fans (Harries) on the account, freaking out over Harry’s announcements/events/inside jokes and making friends with some of BG’s other accounts (shout-out to some of my besties @bgsuaffirmationns, @bgsudining, @bgsutom, @micbgsu ♡).

I also drew inspiration for my posts based on my real life. Harry and I started at BGSU in the same year and experienced similar milestones, such as the first day of sophomore year or trying out Pub 1910 when it first opened!

This account essentially became a journal for me. This account became a place where I would share some of my personal experiences as a student of BGSU through “fictional” posts of Harry. I even had a post where I asked my followers to recommend organizations to get involved with, which is where I discovered Her Campus!!

Highlighting Some of My Personal Favorite Posts

In this section, I am going to embed some of the edits I have made that I am the most proud of!

Harry Being Real: This is probably the post I am most proud of. I walked around campus and snapped some pictures at some famous landmarks, with both my front and back cameras! I spent a lot of time editing these together and was quite pleased with the outcome!
Lunch Date: This was the first post I ever made that I thought looked quite realistic. I was very happy with the outcome and the comments that agreed with the realism of this edit.
Family Thanksgiving: I love any and every opportunity to get President Rodney Rogers involved in the account. When President Rogers posted the original picture on Thanksgiving morning, I immediately jumped to action and found a way to get Harry in the picture. I love that President Rogers is so welcoming to Harry during the American holidays.🥹
Harry’s BG ID: This is one of my earlier edits. I was super excited at the idea of making Harry a BG ID, and spent a lot of time designing one. The numbers I used for his number all have significance (including the date of my first ever Harry concert and his birthday).
Harry and Rodney Take on the Oaks: When President Rogers posted the original picture I used in this edit, I immediately thought of this face Harry made during his SNL monologue. I loved bringing the image in my head to life, and love the way these two are looking at each other <3

In closing

Harries of BGSU has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to learn new skills, meet new people, and feel a sense of belonging in our community. I have loved making silly posts and connections with many of you! I am nowhere near as active as I used to be, but sporadically post as inspiration strikes! I am excited to finally be sharing my identity with you. Thank you for reading, and thank you to those who have supported me over the years!!♡

P.S.- If you have a Harries of BGSU button on your backpack, I have most likely fangirled about it and have a picture of it on my camera roll.

Sarah Leming

Bowling Green '25

Hello, my name is Sarah (she/her)! I am currently a junior at Bowling Green State University. I am majoring in AYA ISS (teaching social studies to middle/high schoolers) with a minor in History! I am from Hilliard, OH (right outside of Columbus) and this is my second year on the Her Campus team. In my free time, I really enjoy listening to music, rewatching my favorite shows, and spending time with my friends/family! Within my family, I have two dogs– a Yorkipoo named Bailey and a Goldendoodle named Milo. Three of my favorite things of all time (and what i'll likely write about the most) include: Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Christmas!