Destressing the Hollidays

Something we always love to joke about is how difficult it is to speak to people at holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We make fun of how there’s always arguments over politics, social issues, and all those sorts when it comes to dinners that are supposed to bring the family together. But it’s almost 2020, and I think we need to let go of the augmented side to the holidays for once.

One thing I’ve always taken into account is who I’m having dinner with. If I’m having dinner with people that might be prone to debating on politics, I avoid any mentions of the subject the whole time. If they bring it up, try to change the subject. Just because the other person brings up a potentially touchy subject, it does not mean you have to give into it. You can always bring up another conversation. Ask the person about their recipe they brought to the gathering or ask them if they’ve read any new books recently.

 Here’s some other potential subjects you could talk about:

  •  Something they maybe did recently, like at work or with an activity.

  •     Talk about school or what you’ve done recently. Perfect time to ask them if they heard about your current project!

  •     Talk about animals! Especially if you or the other person has a pet! How has their fur baby been?

  •    You could always just stay quiet. You don’t have to give into the conversations if you’re not ready. Give yourself time, and then come back when you’re ready.

  Hopefully your holidays are swell!