Beetlejuice Evicted?!

I’m a huge fan of theatre. I participated in multiple shows during my years in high school. I’ve seen multiple productions on Broadway and in Chicago. I have my favorite tunes to jam out to during long car rides or study session. 

 But Beetlejuice just announced its final show dates, and I’m saddened to hear why.

 It isn’t uncommon for shows to leave Broadway after a certain amount of time. Some have been running for years, and some just don’t make it. However, Beetlejuice has been doing well for quite some time since it came out! When I heard the news, I was shocked.

 They’re being evicted so The Music Man can have a revival.

 In my opinion, after I heard the news from The New York Times, I was devastated. I love the soundtrack of Beetlejuice. The songs are catchy, and I love belting the songs with my friends during our hangouts on the weekends. This show is so popular, and I don’t believe it’s fair that The Music Man and Hugh Jackman get to take over their theatre. Like, I understand that space on Broadway is limited, but couldn’t The Music Man take over Waitress’s theatre since they’re leaving in January?

What do you think about the closing of Beetlejuice? Do you think if we say his name enough times, they’ll keep the show around? Hopefully they can find a new theatre or continue to be on tour! At least we’ll always have the soundtrack to keep the music alive.