BANGS Shoes: For the Ethical Adventurer

When Christmastime comes around each year, we are hard-pressed to find gifts for all of the special people in our lives. A lot of times, the high demand and need to rush makes it hard to also make the gifts thoughtful and personal, let alone making ethical purchasing choices. There’s a company, however, that fixes all of these problems. And that company is BANGS Shoes.

         BANGS was founded by Hannah Davis, who was inspired by the look of the practical work shoes she saw people wearing when she worked in China teaching English. Even the name “BANGS” comes from the Chinese character for “help”. Hannah wanted to create a company that helped put some more good into the world, and helped others fuel their adventurous souls in the process.

BANGS works to make the production of their shoes not mass production and not impersonal, the company invests in individual entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva Entrepreneurs, and their involvement with BANGS helps cultivate whole communities. So far, BANGS has invested in over 2,500 entrepreneurs in 70 countries around the world. BANGS are also made from entirely vegan materials.

Along with being ethically sourced and gentler on the environment, the BANGS community is strong and vibrant. The different colors of shoes help anyone express their individuality and style, and some even come with patterns or embroidery to really help elevate your shoe game. When you shop at BANGS, you’re getting a unique product unlike any other, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re also helping put a little good out into the world.

Join the BANGS adventure, visit the shop and learn more about their mission at!