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Award-Winning Halloween Costume Ideas for the Girl Who Wants to Unleash Her Alter Ego

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And just like that, Halloween crept right back upon us.

If you’re like me, you probably only have a vague idea of a possible Halloween costume, but no concrete plan. In college, Halloween is such an important holiday (mostly because it’s another excuse to drink with the added bonus of dressing up). So much so that people will plan multiple different costumes — 3, for instance — to wear the entire Halloween weekend. A costume for each night is not always attainable, but it’s fun to switch it up. Luckily, we live in an age of creation, so it’s not too difficult to find ways to make your ideal Halloween costume. A trip to a thrift store or a nearby Walmart may be all that you need.

Every Halloween, I like to choose costumes that somewhat align with my own aesthetic — or my “altar ego” aesthetic. The clothes I wear to class and work and the style I portray on a daily basis don’t necessarily cover my entire range of tastes. In the past few years, when fall comes around, I’ve noticed that I tend to enjoy wearing all-black outfits and listening to alternative music. When I go to places like coffee shops or bookstores, I like layering and wearing black fishnet tights and my mom’s vintage Harley Davidson platform boots. And as much as I know I can, I don’t fancy the idea of wearing these outfits to class or on campus. I feel more comfortable in my yoga pants and UGGs. So when Halloween finally rolls around, I take advantage of dressing up as someone else and I unleash my true alter ego.

Here are some fun, festive, and truly badass Halloween costumes for you to consider this year:

Morticia Addams

From her iconic smokey eye and red lip combo to her long red nails and infamous black dress, Morticia Addams is a Halloween classic. Not only does her personality embody that of a fiery, independent woman, she truly is a style icon.

Need costume inspo? Check out this Pinterest board dedicated to our queen herself: https://pin.it/4tS73hh

Lindsay Lohan as ‘Anna’ in Freaky Friday

Arguably one of the most iconic 2000s Disney movie characters of all time, Anna Coleman, played by Lindsay Lohan, is portrayed as an antsy, complicated, grunge-loving teen in the classic movie Freaky Friday. Her style in this movie is unmatched, with her clothing options ranging from chunky belts, black chokers, and black boots, to oversized pants and band tees.

For more Anna inspo, check this out: https://pin.it/IQTHVuT


As many people as there are who dress up as a vampire each year, it undoubtedly remains a classic. There’s a reason why so many people love it! You can add your own twists to your outfit, like going for more of a feminine or masculine look (like wearing tights and a skirt as part of the feminine style, black slacks and a button down for a more masculine vibe). Finish off your look with a long black cape, some faux fangs, and fake blood to channel the ultimate blood-sucking energy.

Here is some more inspo for this look: https://www.pinterest.com/jongho_loml/vampire-costume/

‘Jane Margolis’ From breaking bad

A more niche costume idea, sure — but it won’t disappoint. As award-winning TV show Breaking Bad has over 10 million views and a 9.5/10 rating on IMDb, the franchise’s fanbase is loyal and supportive. Jane Margolis, Jesse’s girlfriend in season 2, was known for her all-black style, her black hair and straight-cut bangs, her love for smoking cigarettes, and her witty personality that Jesse adored so much.

Want to make this a couple’s costume? Recruit a loved one (or friend!) and have them dress as Jesse (baggy pants, sneakers, a baggy jacket, a beanie). You will surely win Best Couple’s Costume at that Halloween party!

For more Jane inspo, click here: https://pin.it/35r8ySB


I’ll be honest, this idea was my roommate’s, which resulted in a gasp from me when I heard it and immediately went, “YES!”

If you’re looking for a sexy, yet low-cost and low-maintenance Halloween costume, a sexy “woman in black” is such a great idea! All you really need for this one is a white button-up, black pants or a black skirt and tights (or literally whatever you want to wear), black boots/heels, black sunglasses, a black tie, and a fake gun (although, if you plan on going out, I strongly advise not taking this out with you).

If you need more help with this idea, check this out: https://pin.it/NWPjr8Q

MEGAN FOX as ‘Jennifer Check’ from Jennifer’s Body

“Boys are just placeholders. They come and they go.”

– Jennifer Check in Jennifer’s Body

Take “man-eater” to a whole new level this Halloween. I’ve seen so many twists on Jennifer Check costumes with a variety of outfits from different scenes. Some have dressed as cheerleader Jennifer, others opt for high school “somewhat normal” Jennifer, and then there are those who choose the zombie version of Jennifer: the puffer jacket, denim skirt, red tights, and of course, the fake blood spattered everywhere.

This idea is also perfect if you don’t want to have to purchase an actual costume (they can get expensive) and are looking for something that you can throw together. You can find most of these garments in thrift stores as well, so it’s easily accessible!

For more Jennifer’s Body inspo, click here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/410812797277281332/

Whatever it is that you decide to be this spooky season, make it something you will be confident in! Halloween is just once a year and it’s the only time where it’s “socially acceptable” to dress up as someone else. Take advantage of it and dress up as someone or something you’ve always admired! No matter if you choose to dress up as a fairy or as Dr. Phil, strut down the street and have faith in knowing you look HOT!

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