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As Final Season Approaches, Here Are Some of My Study Tips to Get You Through

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Finals season can be one of the most stressful times on a college campus, as I’m sure most of us know. Between work, studying for our finals, and still doing class assignments, it can be a lot to juggle. That’s why I want to offer up some of the things that have helped me the most in the struggle to maintain my composure during finals season.

  1. Create a Study Plan

First up is creating a study plan. This can consist of many different things – where you’re going to study, how you’re going to study, and more. I suggest knowing the dates of your final exams and then creating a plan as to what topics you’re going to study each day, and how much time will be dedicated to each topic. Creating a study plan can be a proactive way to keep you from getting overwhelmed with the amount of work you may have to do.

2. Take Breaks

The second tip I have for you all is to take breaks during your study session. The study tactic that I incorporate into my study routine is known as the Pomodoro Method. This is when you set a timer for a set amount of time (say 20 minutes in this case) and after that 20 minutes of studying is up, you give yourself a 5-minute break, and so on until you’ve reached an hour of study time, then you give yourself a longer break. If you’re writing a paper, you practice this same method until you get into the groove of writing, then write until you can’t anymore.

3. Give Yourself Rewards

My third tip to you all is to give yourself rewards for reaching certain accomplishments. After studying for a certain amount of time, tell yourself that you can have a sweet treat or a social media fix after you accomplish that study goal. I find that giving myself little rewards helps to keep me motivated, and makes the studying time go by much faster.

4. Hydrate and Eat

My fourth and final tip for everyone is to make sure that you hydrate and fuel your body <3 Your brain can't work correctly without proper nutrition, so being intentional about hydrating and feeding yourself, especially during these stressful times, can make a difference in your study routine.

I hope that these tips are helpful to some of you during this finals season! Remember – these “tips” are completely subjective, and this is just what helps me get through finals. Please remember to give yourself much grace during this stressful time.

CC Hampton

Bowling Green '26

CC is currently a sophomore at Bowling Green State University studying Politics, Philosophy, Economics, and Law, with a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Some of her favorite pastimes include going to bookstores, exploring coffee shops, reading, knitting, and hanging out with her friends.