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Broadway is finally opening back up, and I won’t even lie to you, I am so excited.

It’s been a year and a half since any of these shows last performed, and it brings me joy to hear that Broadway is back in action. I will admit over the past era of time, hearing of several shows closing down for good brought my spirits down. We lost the stage performances of Frozen, Mean Girls, and several other shows.

But this recent news for Broadway has brought a huge smile to my face.

In December of 2019, I wrote an article about how Beetlejuice: The Musical was being evicted for a revival of The Music Man, starring Hugh Jackman. After that news, we’ve experienced the impact of the pandemic which really shortened the musical’s lifespan. We thought Beetlejuice was going to be gone forever.

However, as I was scrolling on Instagram the other day, I found out we have a brand new date for our ‘Ghost with the Most’ and his return to our world!

The show will be returning in April of 2022, and tickets go on sale beginning October 1st, 2021. While we don’t know who will be in the revival’s cast just yet, I have a feeling this revival is going to be great. I’m sure as more information comes out, the excitement for this return will build up across all Broadway fans!

Alright. I’ll say it now. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Bring this rocking musical back to haunt Broadway! I’ll be sure to keep you updated once we have new information about this new development.

Carli Christenson

Bowling Green '23

My name is Carli Christenson. I'm a third year student studying Visual Communications Technology for a specialization in photography and print. I'm an absolute nerd, and I adore musical theater. I'm also part of the LGBT+ community!
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