3 Ways to Find Your Girl Gang

“You’re going to make so many new friends” is something I had always heard growing up. No matter who I talked to about moving to my new home on campus, these words would constantly be said. Whether I was talking about a club I was interested in, or the major I’ve been excited about for weeks, the response would always be there: that this was a “great way to make new friends” and that there will be “so many of them.”

I never thought this would be true. I always had such a hard time in high school with making friends. Not many people shared the same interests or viewpoints as me. Acquaintances would come and go, but none stayed for long. I found myself wondering if I would really be able to make friends at my new home. Of course, I would potentially know people already, but what about the people I didn’t know?

Before I moved in, making friends and meeting new people wasn’t just daunting. It was overwhelming. How was I going to present myself? How could I find the people that would want to be around? What about connecting with my roommate?

Surprisingly, I found ways that work. Even if it sounds cliché, it really helped me reach out to new people. You might be having trouble yourself, but that’s okay. Everyone’s way of finding their group of friends is different, but there seems to be a common theme. Here are three tips on earning your way to your new friends on campus.

1. More than “Roommates”

Living with somebody new can be challenging. There’s a high chance that you don’t know this person if you’re new on campus. Unless you connected over social media beforehand, you were most likely blindsided.

Something you can do to connect with your roommate is inviting them to an outing. Whether it’s food, studying, or just having fun, the invite is always nice. Plus, who can say no to food? It’s a great way to sit down with your roommate and get to know each other. You can learn so many new things about one another. Take some time to relax and have fun!

2. Try New Things

Ah yes, the classic line of “try new things.” You’ve probably heard that a lot, but it honestly helps.

At your new home, there’s always something to pique your interests. Do you like sports? There’s a club for basically all of them. Want to watch anime and play board games? There are organizations galore. Looking for something in your major to keep up with your studies? You have that too. Joining something that you like will help you find people who are looking for friends as well. Plus, you already know a common interest about each other!

Attending a welcome event was how I first met my group of friends. They had endless activities and delicious cake to eat. Sitting down with a few strangers at a table with a slice of cake was a great choice. The people I spoke to were friendly as well, and we ended up connecting through social media to keep in touch.

You have to remember to get yourself to say hello and introduce yourself. If I didn’t speak up, I wouldn’t have talked to the group I found. We bonded over the activities at the welcome event.

3. Truth Overall, or Honesty is Key.

The most important thing is the truth. You don’t have to tell them everything about you, but it’s almost obvious when you’re looking to make friends.

Nobody wants to be lied to. No one likes fake people. It won’t look good if you try to fit into the wrong crowd. Plus, it’s stressful to keep up an image that isn’t even you.

People want to be friends with those who will be honest from the start. They’re less likely to be upset if you show them the true you from the beginning. It will seem strange at first, not having to lie so you can look “cool,” but trust me. It’s way healthier to just show the true you.


Again, finding your friend group will not come right away. It could take time to get to know people, or you might just click with a group really fast! Just be you, and don’t be afraid to reach out. You never know what you’ll miss if you hold back. Now go get some Starbucks and go find your girl gang.