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10 Things to Do in Bowling Green Area

​I can remember a warm, spring day. I was just in the midst of showing my annual room tour of Centennial Hall at Bowling Green State University. Like always, I provided a brief overview of the housing, campus life, and general knowledge of BGSU to this potential incoming falcon. However, there was one question that the young man’s father had asked me that I just was not sure how to answer. “What do you do for fun on the weekends?” As a freshman, I did not know how to answer that question. Well, with the knowledge that I have attained now, with the two years I have been on campus, I am able to answer the future falcon’s question. Here are ten things to do in the Bowling Green Area. 

1. Take a walk around campus.

If you’re a freshman with no car, do not fear! There is plenty of activities happening around campus. On a nice and sunny day, take a walk with a friend. BGSU has some pretty amazing and beautiful buildings. Some of my personal favorites are University Hall, Prout Chapel, and the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. Once you go on your walk, you might find people outside playing games or basketball by Offenhauer on a beautiful sunny day. Plus, if you go on a walk, you will get plenty of exercise!

2. Get a picture with the new BGSU letters.

In the beginning of May, Bowling Green State University released new big BGSU letters. They are so big, that people can even climb on them and pose. Many students have taken the opportunity for a photo. The letters are located by Eppler. There is also a falcon sign over by the Bowen Thompson Student Union, in front of Starbucks as well.

3. Get a picture with Freddy or Frieda the Falcon!

Most of the time, Freddy and Frieda {Bowling Green State University’s mascots} will be wandering around campus or events to interact with the students. If you are a falcon at heart, many love Freddy and Frieda. The BGSU birds love to take pictures with their fellow falcons.

4. Tour the Jerome Library.


One great aspect about Bowling Green State University, is that the library has eight floors. The library is a great place for studying. Whether you are doing homework or a group study, the Jerome Library has many resources available to students. For example, the fourth floor of the library {Pop Culture} has DVDs and CDs available for rent to students for free. Go enjoy watching Mean Girls with your girl gang! Another fun and creative floor of the library is the second floor, The Curriculum Resource Center. This is the floor where all teaching materials are available to future educators. The Curriculum Resource Center also provides die cuts and lamination services as well. The eighth and seventh floor of Jerome Library are perfect spots for studying.

5. Explore Downtown Bowling Green.

One nice characteristic about Bowling Green is that everything is in walking distance. Bowling Green has some great shops and businesses in the downtown area. Some of my favorite places are in downtown BG. Two cute boutiques are located in the downtown area, Eden Boutique and Mode Elle Boutique. There is also a music store called Finders that houses all of your vinyl record needs. Get Inspired Nutrition just recently opened downtown as well. Get Inspired Nutrition is a place for yummy protein shakes. There are also classic restaurants in downtown area as well, such as Stones Throw, Mister Spots, Easy Street Café and more.

6. Go get some coffee.

Although there is Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Biggby Coffee and Dunkin Donuts, two of my favorite coffee shops are also located downtown. The best place for a great homework sessionwould be Grounds for Thought. They have the best iced coffee. Ask for the peanut butter cup flavor. Flatlands is my favorite coffee shop. Their aesthetic is great for a good Instagram feed. Their lattes even have foam creations in them as well! Their coffee is one of a kind and from out of the country.

7. Visit the Farmer’s Market.

Every Spring and Summer, Bowling Green opens their Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is located in the parking lot next to Fifth Third Bank. Just last week, I visited the Farmer’s Market for the first time and I instantly fell in love. Many venues were housed with fresh produce and products to purchase. Succulents, wild flowers, and many other cute items were on display. The Farmer’s Market even has live band performances, circus acts, and food trucks. Who doesn’t love a good food truck?

8. Watch a Bowling Green sunset.

I may just be a little biased, however, Bowling Green is known for their sunsets. The sky is so beautiful, and it is just an experience you will have to witness in person. Pictures or descriptions do not do justice.

9. Go on a road trip to Perrysburg or Maumee.​

Even though Perrysburg is 15-20 minutes away, it is always great to explore. One of my favorite places to travel is the Perrysburg area. There is so much to explore. Many BGSU students shop in the Levis Commons area. There you will find a Francesca’s and other high-end shops. Perrysburg also has a Target, TJ Maxx, and Chick fil a. There is also a cute little coffee shop called Maddi and Bella, however I have not been there. There is also a neat restaurant called, Local Juice that serves the best avocado toast. Still need to check that off my bucket list. Just around the corner, in Maumee there are other cute places.

10. Find some cute art to step up your Instagram game.

In the downtown area, there are many art murals around Bowling Green. One of my favorites is Haley Jean’s art mural. Everyone from the Bowling Green community has contributed to the piece. If you want to step up your Instagram game, I highly suggest taking a photo in front of this art.

Overall, there are many different activities that a student at Bowling Green State University can explore. These 10 things are what I find myself most enjoying on the weekends. I hope that you eventually find yourself enjoying these ten fun things too. I love Bowling Green and the community so much. I will forever be grateful for my small college town and to be a falcon.

Lindsay is a campus correspondent for Her Campus at Bowling Green State University. She is a junior at Bowling Green State University, studying Human Development and Family Studies and Creative Writing. Lindsay is an active member of Falcon Miracles, formally known as Dance Marathon and H2O Church. In her free time, she can be found on campus in the HDFS lounge, exploring Perrysburg area or sitting at her favorite spot at Flatlands in downtown Bowling Green. Lindsay has high taste in home decor, fashion, and of course, coffee.
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