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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowie State chapter.

I love summer: the longer days, the warm nights, the packed-out darties and live music festivals. Summer is an absolute serotonin booster, so you could understand why it’s difficult for me to cope with the bitter winds and the eerily quiet nights that accompany the fall and winter seasons.

Now don’t get me wrong, watching movies and tending to some extra self-care on a chilly day is cool, but there’s nothing like going out with friends on a summer night and not having to bring a jacket that does absolutely nothing for your outfit.

Unfortunately, I have no control over the weather, but what I can offer are some tips for the girls who want to have fun no matter what the season it may be:

Themed Girls Night In

Themed GNI have been trending on TikTok and I’m here for it! Go get your girls together for a charcuterie board party, some games, and fire cocktails for a memorable time.

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Take A Trip

If you cannot stand the freezing temperatures during the latter half of the year, then take some well-needed time off from your routine and plan a trip to a warmer southern state or even another country. Here’s a list of tropical travel destinations for the ultimate escape.

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I won’t lie to you *sigh*…summer brunch just hits different. But the vibes (and hopefully the food) will still be immaculate when you and the girls are together. Besides, who wouldn’t have a good time with endless mimosas?

A Bonfire

Imagine you and your friends roasting s’mores, playing hilarious card games, while rapping Megan Thee Stallion’s “Captain Hook” as your campfire song *chef’s kiss*. Just drink responsibly. Fire and alcohol are a chaotic combination.


This one is for the adventurous girls who still want to keep it classy. “Glamping” is essentially camping but replaces department store sleeping bags and nylon tents with full-sized beds and decorative huts that resemble someone’s modern one-bedroom or studio apartment. If you and your girls love luxury and want to attempt glamping, take a look at some Airbnb glamping super hosts.

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Yes, I know it’s hard coping with the end of summer. I almost shed a tear every September when I pack my flowy sundresses away in replacement for heavy knitted sweaters and sweatpants. But this list of Fall and Winter ideas will leave you with memories for years to come and anticipation for next year’s colder months.

Taylor Carter

Bowie State '23

Taylor Carter is a life and beauty writer and recent graduate of Bowie State University. Before graduating with a degree in communications and a concentration in broadcast journalism, she served as the Events Director of the Her Campus at Bowie State chapter where she organized engaging programs for Her Campus members alongside the executive board. Aside from Her Campus, Taylor is always looking to improve in the ever changing world of journalism. She has written news scripts for her alma mater’s semesterly newscast and reported on campus events that affected Bowie State’s student body. She is pursuing freelance writing covering beauty, entertainment, lifestyle and culture and hopes to become a National Writer for Her Campus. When she is not writing, Taylor is trying new restaurants with family and friends, indulging in black beauty TikTok, listening to a sermon, or watching The Office series for the 100th time. Her bucket list includes living abroad throughout the Caribbean and the continent of Africa.