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3 Black Owned Luxury Brand Must Haves 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowie State chapter.

With the new wave of TikTok content centered on black girl luxury content, a lot of black women are in search for a little black girl luxury of their own. What’s a better way to bring some sunshine to your Women’s History Month than luxury brands made by black women.

Here are some on the rise luxury brands owned by black women:


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Ashely Ciriaco, a Atlanta native started Ciriaco during her time in college as student at Berkeley college.While the young designer grew up watching Sex and the City and has family ties in the Bronx ,the influence of New York City flows heavily in her brand. Started as a self project Ciriaco soon became public to make confident she had making the bags more accessible.

Today Ciriaco not only sell high end bags but expands their collection to shoes jewelry and more.

The company is most known for their signature baguette bag. Each bag is hand made and has a unique silhouette that makes a statement.


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Anita Mvuemba(the founder) is a Hbcu graduate deriving from Morgan state University. 

The Congolese fashion designer takes inspiration from her culture to make the pieces in her collection.

During 2020 her styles quickly became a hit and has had many success since then.

Hanifa is truly a staple in women luxury with their slogan for “women without limits”.With a Lot of familiar faces wearing their pieces such as Beyonce, Trace Ellis Ross, and Issa Rae, Hanifa has established its place in the fashion world. 

Riot Swim


To close off the list is Riot Swim founded in 2016, riot swimsuits is everyone’s dream swimwear.

Monti Landers is a Huston raised black women looking to set trends not follow them. Riot swim has made its appearance in vogue, harper’s bazaar magazine and more.

The smooth like butter swimwear is crafted to be modern and minimalist while also being sexy and flattering. Additional to swimwear riot also make lounge wear that’s just as high quality as the swimwear.

Black women have been changing the fashion scene and raising the bar. Each product on this list is sure to fulfill your luxury needs and make you look good. Be sure to treat yourself to a luxury item of your choice after a long day.

Ananda Gordon

Bowie State '26

Ananda Gordon is a freshman from Philadelphia attending Bowie state majoring in business administration and pursuing a marking/pr career.