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Sunny With A Chance of Style

Spring in Maine can mean sunny skies and chilly winds. Tackle both with some stylin’ sunglasses and super scarves with a little nail polish for good measure…

Feeling sporty? Try classic aviators, a patriotic infinity scarf and trendy matte white polish. Sweet more your style? These cute heart-shaped shades will do the trick, paired with a butterfly pashmina and cool-blue polish. Finally, for all you sexy ladies out there, be bold with these fierce cat-eyes, a luxe silk square and classic fuchsia tips.

Margot is a Bowdoin College senior and native Atlantan. An English and theater interdisciplinary major, she enjoys acting, blogging about Bowdoin style, and interning with the Bowdoin College Office of Communications. She is determined to move to New York City after graduation and work in PR, digital media and fashion. A significant amount of her time is spent in Bowdoin's number-one dining halls in anticipation of the many bowls of ramen that will be her sustainance post-graduation.
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