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Stephen Sullivan ’11

Name: Stephen Sullivan

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Economics 

Campus Activities: Tennis Captain, on a campus band (the Neeks)

Relationship Status: Single

Ideal girl: Gisele (another reason why I hate the Patriots)

Special talents: Rapping (album coming out soon), guitarist, snapback collector, virtual athlete (videogames) and coming up with impractical business ideas.  


Joanna Buffum is a senior English major and Anthropology minor at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.  She is from Morristown, NJ and in the summer of 2009 she was an advertising intern for OK! Magazine and the editorial blog intern for Zagat Survey in New York City. This past summer she was an editorial intern for MTV World's music website called MTV Iggy, writing fun things like album and concert reviews for bands you have never heard of before. Her favorite books are basically anything involving fantasy fiction, especially the Harry Potter series and “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding, playing intramural field hockey, watching House MD, and making paninis. In the spring of 2010 she studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and she misses the friendly, tall, and unusually attractive Danish people more than she can say. After college, she plans on pursuing a career in writing, but it can be anywhere from television script writing, to magazine journalism, to book publishing. 
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