Sawyer Bowman '15

Major: Computer Science/SpanishHometown: Cornelius, NCRelationship Status: TakenCampus Activities: Computer Science/Spanish Tutor & Grader, former cross country/track team member, tour guide

HC: What do you look for in a potential partner?SB: "I like people who are bold and not afraid to speak their mind. I love to have fun and be spontaneous!" 

HC: What are some of your biggest turn-offs? SB: "I’m not the biggest fan of selfish or self-centered people. I’d rather hang out with people who are engaged and willing to share their experiences with everyone."

HC: What would you do on your dream date?SB: "I’m a bit of a romantic, so there’s a lot of things that come to mind! However, I’m also not the best planner, so maybe these activities wouldn’t necessarily go well together… but oh well! I’d start with either making a meal together or ordering a delicious lunch out on the town. Afterwards, I’d be interested in doing a fun activity like mini-golf, bowling (maybe even candle-pin), or even playing trivial pursuit (as long as it’s fun and competitive). Additionally, I’d love to go do something neither of us had ever done before, like skydiving (cliche, I know). Finally, to calm down after such an eventful day, I’d wind down with a nice movie, some scrumptious snacks, and maybe a few lines of impromptu poetry!"

HC: What’s your best quality?SB: "I think I’m a fairly genuine person. I like to hear about what other people are doing and why that’s exciting for them."

HC: What are some causes or issues that matter to you?SB: "I’m super passionate about technology. I think it’s amazing how far we’ve come. But it’s equally amazing how far we have to go, and I hope I can contribute in some way towards progress!"

HC: What's a fun fact about yourself?SB: "I once held a world record! In high school, I ran a leg for a 100x5k relay, and we broke the world record!"

HC: Do you have advice for anyone that wants to get to know you better?SB: "Please come talk to me! I love meeting and making friends with new people, and I’m more than willing to exchange stories!"