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Sage Mikami ’15


Major/Minor: biochemistry major and dance minorActivities: diver and leader of the belly dancing clubFavorite music: Anything you can dance to (a lot of Shakira), and oldies like Hall & Oates.Hometown: New Market, NHRelationship Status: In a committed relationship with her honors project (more specifically, with her bacteria)

Sage is known for her amazing diving skills, for her “particularly honest” hips in belly dancing club, and for her academic prowess in biochemistry, but there is so much more to know about her! (Author’s note: I am blown away by her amazing curly hair and killer smile, and may or may not have a huge girl crush on her.)

HC: What do you look for in a potential partner?SM: “Definitely someone who has a good sense of humor. He has to be sincere but can make me laugh. He also has to love Harry Potter.”

HC: What would your dream date be?SM: “It would definitely involve being taken to Florida and going to Harry Potter World. And then probably some Thai food mixed in at some point in the date”.

HC: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get to know you better?SM: “Come swing by the top floor of Druck (my lab) and say hello. Or come to belly dancing class – everyone is welcome!”

HC: What has diving at Bowdoin been like?SM: “It’s been a really fun experience! It was really fun to pick up a new sport when I came to college and to meet all the members of the swim team.”

HC: What is one fun fact about yourself?SM: “I’m obsessed with Narwhals.”

HC: What do you consider your best quality to be?SM: “I have a secret nerdy side that comes out a lot. I love superheroes and Harry Potter, haha.”

HC: What are your plans for after college?SM: “[I’m] applying for lab jobs in Boston, so I’ll probably do that for a couple of years before applying to med school.”

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