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Memoirs of a Panel

Last week, eight seniors were chosen to sit on a panel to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real. Accordingly, classmates gathered in Cleveland 151 last Thursday night and the discussion began. Facilitated by seniors Sam Hanson and Lucia Cowles, the 2012 Senior Panel included (seated from left to right) Peter Hamberger, Ella Curren, Paulina Borrego, Lily Rudd, Chris Omachi, Laura Armstrong, Wyatt Littles, and Chris Martin. In the arguably too-big-for-Bowdoin classroom, an audience of students of all shapes and sizes, from ’15-’12, assembled in anticipation of some groundbreaking wisdom about gender dynamics and Bowdoin’s social scene from sage seniors. Having survived innumerable Saturday nights in social houses and with profound answers to David Guetta/Flo Rida/Nicki’s inquiry, “Where them girls at” (5C…with Wyatt), the panelists were certainly prepared to be paneled.

The Senior Panel was a great success; it was the perfect combination of sexy and cute, but some say the discussion’s revelations about Bowdoin’s campus culture were not secrets to begin with. According to Panelist Pete (as I will call Peter Hamberger from here on. Forever.), “It was good to open up a dialogue, but I don’t think we really uncovered anything that everyone didn’t know already.” Panelist Pete, who looked decidedly uncomfortable and one-armed throughout the whole conversation, expresses a sentiment shared by many audience members and panelists. Still, Provocative Paulina (another nickname that will stick) had positive things to say about her experience at Bowdoin and as a member of the panel:

“I think it’s awesome that so many gender-related issues that plague the campus were brought to light because even though we all know they exist, they are often ignored or accepted and I think this needs to change. Bowdoin would be the perfect place if we could just set aside all of this awkward tension that can be caused by gender differences…and I want everyone to experience Bowdoin the way I have been fortunate enough to.”

The resident funny girl went on to say, “Sorry I didn’t articulate. I’m just throwing out random thoughts.” Of course, her insight is much appreciated and she was certainly a crowd-pleaser on Thursday evening.


Not to be slighted by Provocative Paulina, Wyatt Littles crushed the panel and publicly shamed his girlfriend (The Sportsmanship Award goes to NS). Wyatt reflects, “Well I thought the panel was dope.” When asked about his newfound fame, Wyatt continues, “As far as being famous, I’m not sure I am famous. But if I am famous, somebody please let me know so I can adjust my behavior accordingly (you know start showing up for stuff late, acting entitled, saying whatever thought pops up in my head, getting free sh*t…so pretty much act like Kanye West) because it seems like it’d be cool.” I don’t want anyone to act like Kanye West, I wish Paulina would act less like Kanye West, but overall I think the Senior Panelists are stars. 

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