Lloyd and Lyle Anderson '16

Lyle (left):Major: EconomicsHometown: Novelty, OhioRelationship Status: In a relationshipCampus Activities: men’s swim team, men’s water polo, and recreational eating

Lloyd (right):Major: Earth and Oceanographic ScienceHometown: Novelty, OhioStatus: SingleCampus Activities: men's swim team, mentoring, and working at Moulton Union

HC: What do you look for in a potential partner?Lyle: "Number one would be a weird sense of humor. An impressive appetite. Well, several appetites – mainly Domino’s and Papa John’s. Someone who’s motivated, but not too serious."Lloyd: "I like someone who's genuinely compassionate- that means a lot to me. Also if they have a good sense of humor, that's awesome."

HC: What are some of your biggest turn-offs?Lyle: "Girls who land pepperflips on me. (Author's note: I had just landed a pepper flip on him.) Girls who aren’t funny. Girls who can’t eat pizza. You gotta eat pizza. You gotta be real and not be afraid of who you are. You gotta like sleeping. Sleeping is good."Lloyd: "A big ego really turns me off."

HC: What would you do on your dream date?Lyle: "Getting pizza and eating it at a very spectacular nature setting, aka the beach or a mountain or cool places like those."Lloyd: "My dream date would have to be outside (given that it's in the summer). Including hanging out at a beach or lake for a while. Ideally a nice seafood restaurant to end the day. But any day on an ocean or lake is always good."

HC: What’s your best quality?Lyle: "My loyalty."Lloyd: "I'm pretty good-natured."

HC: What are some causes or issues that matter to you?Lyle: "Being aware of healthy eating habits and no discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation."Lloyd: "Climate change, LGBTQ rights, inequity, and early education."

HC: Do you have advice for anyone that wants to get to know you better?Lyle: "I can be a pretty oblivious guy. Buy me a pizza with 'I like you' spelled out in pepperoni."Lloyd: "If you want to get to know me better, say hi! Even if it's actually Lyle that you say hi to, you'll still make a friend. Or you can ask me to give you a swim lesson – I don't charge!"