How to Make Your Student Bedroom Homely

We all took that big step to move away from home, from our nice big rooms and double beds, only to be confronted with a generic box room created by Ikea. Some freshers refer to their rooms as ‘prison cells’ because essentially they are all the same, and can feel quite bland and boring. Nevertheless, here are some ways you can make your room feel more cosy:

You can do the obvious and bring photos from home, as it’s always a good giggle looking through them.

Putting up posters of upcoming events is a good way to fill up wall space and get yourself excited for the next big night out (just remember to use white tack as you can be charged if there are any marks on the wall at the end of the year).

A great way to liven up those cheap old duvets is to bring something from home. It could be your comfiest pillow or a pretty quilt to throw over the top.

We all know mums can easily embarass us, but deep down we find them really sweet too. My mum gave me some messages that I have hung around my room, so whenever I feel a bit lonely or tired of the uni lifestyle, I can escape to my room and read some heartwarming notes.

Candles (if allowed) and fairy lights are definitely the best way to create a lovely peaceful athmosphere. Rather than having one bright unpleasant ceiling light you can use less aggressive lighting for when you're relaxing.