Campus Cutie: Dom Belcher

Course and year: BAMMJ, first year

Hometown: Witney, in Oxford

Relationship Status: Single

Do you have a nickname? Well, Dom I suppose, although it’s an abbreviation of my actual name! Back home, I occasionally got called Maynard, as the guys thought I looked like Conor Maynard without my glasses on!

What are three words to describe you? Creative, outgoing and then probably sarcastic

What hobbies or activities do you take part in? Play guitar, sing a little, play football and squash

Are there any societies that you are a part of? I present a radio show for Nerve media

Where are we most likely to find you? Either Dylan’s, at my flat playing guitar, or possibly down Sharkeys playing Pool!

Favourite place to go on a night out? TOAST! Halo has been decent, too, though!

Favourite place to get food after a wild night out? Ermm, I think Subway surprisingly!?

What has been your best moment of uni so far? Being put to bed as a half-naked drunk cowboy on my 19th birthday -- although the morning after wasn’t so good!

What would be your ideal date? I like home-cooking, but other than making dinner for a girl, probably go for a few drinks in a nice bar like Sixty Million Postcards.

Give us your best chat up line?! Have you got a map? Because I’m lost in your eyes. Haha not that I’ve used that line yet or anything.

What do you have to offer for the ladies of Bournemouth? Hopefully lots of laughs, a good group of people to hang out with, someone who can cook, loves music, and I don’t take myself too seriously – that’s what I can offer!

Are you a boobs, bum or leg man? Tough call … probably a legs man!