Campus Cutie: Aksel Gursel

Course and year: Sports Management, first year

Home town: Surrey

Relationship status: Single

How long has your relationship status been that way ? A couple of months.

Are you looking for it to change ? Yeah why not, always on the wifey search.

How would your friends describe you ? The most forward and confident guy the world has seen.

Describe your ideal woman... Lottie Wilson. A good personality is the key.

Where, in Bournemouth, would you take a girl on a first date? A romantic meal by the beach, followed by ice cream and a spoon back at mine, finished off with a Tracy Beaker marathon

Have you had any dating disasters? None, I know how to make them feel special.. wine & dine.

Worst night out in Bournemouth? Having to pay £40 entry to a student night…..

Give us your best chat up line! I can't pick between ''are you a wireless router because I can feel a connection'' and "are you a 9/10 because I'm the only ONE you need".

If you were sent to a desert island and could take 3 items, what would they be? My three cats, Kai, Hugo and Pablo.

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment! Getting butt naked in my flat after a night out, that will never be lived down by the rest of my housemates.

Have you got any confessions you’re willing to share with us? 26 will forever be a number that haunts me, but I cant share the reason why.

Are you a boob, bum or leg man? I believe beauty lies within, however I do love a good set of boobs.

Biggest turn-on and turn-off? Thigh tattoos, smelly breath.

Most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl? Apart from promising the world to girls, a tiffany and co ring that I didn’t realize was a promise ring until I gave it to the girl.