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Bournemouth’s Best Secret Hangouts Revealed!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bournemouth chapter.

You think you are in the know on all of Bournemouth’s best hangout places? Well, think again. This town beholds more than one secret! Lucky enough, Her Campus has gone on a little investigation just for you girls. From shopping to partying, from beauty to food, here are Bournemouth’s top ten hidden treasures.

1. For all of you vintage clothes lovers, it will be well worth taking a trip over to Molly’s Den, a trade and retail warehouse at the end of Wallisdown. Not only can you get hold of some unique pieces of clothing, but you can also grab a coffee, buy some retro furniture, vinyl records and cheap books. Run there before all the hipster must-haves are gone!

2. Talking of antiques, The Crooked Book is the ultimate chill-out coffee shop. Its customers get to sit on quirky furniture whilst enjoying homemade cake and reading through one of the second-hand books available on the bookshelves at the back.

3. The best-mastered English breakfast is in one of the most unexpected restaurants, Baraca, which specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine. The place is lit with traditional hanging lamps, giving it a warm, welcoming feel. To add on to this, the service is fast and friendly, and students will love the reasonable prices.

4. Freshly opened and located in the heart of the student campus, just under the Lyme Regis student halls, the Parlour Company will become the favourite easy escape for all of you girls with a sweet tooth. This gelato bar offers 40 ice cream flavours, including the healthiest sorbets containing 100 percent fruit – nearly too good to be true!

5. For those girls looking for different places to go for a drink, Chaplin’s Bar in Boscombe is a great alternative. The venue will transport you in a mystical retro world, with its old school tunes, authentic decor and fairy-lit beer garden. You’ll be sure to meet all of the artsy students and find yourself sipping on a cider under the stars until late in the night.

6. Another alternative to the typical night out is Marmalade Cinema Club, a weekly cinema projection in the bunker of Orange Rooms. A great plus for all you students on a budget is that you get to view the projection for free, but popcorns and cocktails are also available for £4.95. Snuggling up and watching a movie whilst being in a club – you really do get the best of both worlds!

7. Jet-setters, listen up! The Cumberland Hotel has exciting birthday packages, including pool parties and cocktail parties. All sorts of student deals are available, so you will be able to celebrate you birthday in style without any crazy expenses. It’s the perfect alternative to a night out in a club if you’re looking for a more sophisticated party.

8. The Wax Room will revolutionize your beauty experience. Through its method of Lycon Waxing, which is extremely popular with celebrities, you will appreciate a smooth and pain-free wax session. Beth, the lovely owner, also sells her own handmade organic skin care range and offers Swedish massage. Time to kick-off, relax and get waxed.

9. Beauty and fitness go hand-in-hand, so why not take a trip to Meyrick Park for a workout session? This golf course is a haven of peace in the heart of town. What people don’t know is that it has a very pleasant running track all around it. Wait no longer to put those trainers on and go get some fresh air!

10. Art lovers will love the Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, located on the cliffs overlooking the beach. You will fall under the charm of this hidden treasure, whether you are looking to find some inspiration, read or draw whilst listening to the wind and growling waves or contemplate the view through the colourful stained glass windows. 

President and Editor-In-Chief at Her Campus Bournemouth.