Into The Wild: Summer Adventures in the Western States

The warm summer weather draws many to sandy beaches, pumping music festivals or cool pool sides. But because of their popularity, these places draw in crowds that could be uncomfortable for some. So instead of heading to a busy beach or crowded festival this summer, consider taking a trip to some of these more secluded, natural places. The beauty is outstanding, the air is clear and crisp, and connecting with nature can recharge your batteries. Here are a few of the most gorgeous places to visit this summer!

Crater Lake

Surrounded on all sides by towering, rugged mountains, Crater Lake is a breathtaking beauty. The waters are a rich, deep blue, and the lake holds the title as the deepest lake in the United States. It also offers many recreation opportunities, such as hiking or camping. The beauty alone is enough to justify a trip here!

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

A true natural wonder, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is brimming with adventures. From grassy meadows to rocky trails that scale mountains, there is a wide range of scenery to be explored. Further, there are lakes nestled amongst the mountains, simply adding to the beauty. If you are looking for an adventure this summer, Wallowa-Whitman offers just that and more. There is plenty to explore here!

Hells Canyon

Sitting next to Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Hells Canyon offers a plethora of breathtaking views and just as much adventure. Being the deepest river gorge in all of North America, there is no doubt that anyone will be amazed by the natural wonder. Wildlife such as bighorn sheep are at home here and sightings of them skillfully climbing rocks is common. Rafting, hiking, camping and many more outdoor activities allow you to absorb nature in one of its purest forms.

Multnomah Falls

Located outside of Portland, Oregon, Multnomah Falls plummets an awe-inspiring 611 feet. It is also easily accessible, so if you are not into hiking, this is a wonderful natural destination for you. A short walk brings you to a bridge, bringing you up close and personal with the falls. There is something about waterfalls that is both exhilarating and refreshing. 

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

The Redwoods themselves are breathtaking, and this park definitely delivers. The towering trees offer a humbling experience, and you are guaranteed to leave with a sense of awe. Nestled within the forest is the largest coastal redwood (by volume), but nearly all the trees tower high. The forest itself has an air of mystery about it, as if there are nooks and crannies in the depths that hold secrets never before discovered. There are many opportunities here for hiking, but also has areas that are more accessible. Visiting the forest is definitely an experience that you are not likely to forget!

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

The largest wilderness area in the United States (excluding Alaska), the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness offers millions of acres of natural beauty to be explored. Whether you are interested in hiking or whitewater rafting, the forest is a dream to anyone who adores the outdoors. The name itself implies a sense of wild, untamed nature with a hint of danger, not to mention the beauty of the untamed area! Giving the Wilderness a visit will surely leave you feeling exhilarated.

Grove of Ancient Cedars/Granite Falls

There is something awe inspiring about being amongst trees that are nearly a thousand years old. As you walk amongst them, it is hard to believe that the trees have stood, stolid, as the world around them has changed immensely. They tower up to 150 feet, and have bases spanning 12 feet. A short hike brings you to Granite Falls, where Granite Creek tumbles down a rock wall. Hiking amongst the massive trees and hearing the thundering of the falls will ground you and refresh you, leaving you with a sense of both awe and wonder.

Owyhee Mountains

Finally, if forests aren’t exactly your thing, the Owyhee Mountains offer an expanse of desert and rocky stretches that are beautiful in their own manner. If you want to experience rugged, raw beauty, then the Owyhees are for you! The Owyhee River pools into a gorgeous reservoir, forming Lake Owyhee State Park. The area is absolutely gorgeous, and holds many adventures that are just begging to be had.


This summer, take a trip outdoors to ground yourself and get in touch with nature. Have a little adventure of your own! There are many other wonderful places to see, so just get out there and explore. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild!