Swim Suit Fashion 2014

Less than a week until Spring Break; you decide to get packing. You dig around in your drawers for a swimsuit, only to discover a crisis! These swimsuit bottoms are too small, this suit is out of style, and you just don’t like THAT one anymore.

Looks like it’s time to put on your shopping shoes and go out on the hunt for a new suit. When you finally do make it to the store, however, you run into an age-old dilemma: there are tons of different choices when it comes to buying a swimsuit. Color, style, pattern, etc. So, how do you choose the right swimsuit for beach season 2014? Her Campus is here to help you out.

It's easiest to start with the basics, and by that I mean swimsuit style.

First off, let's talk bikinis. Bikinis are the classic beach babe look. Here are our tips for THIS season. 

If you're small on top: Look for a frilly bikini or something with gathering at the seams or “scrunches” to give you the semblance of curves in all the right places. An example would be the Beach Sexy Cheeky bottoms from Victoria’s Secret. Bandeau tops are also a hot item this spring/summer.

Pattern wise, explore your wild side with bright colors and exotic prints. This Waterlilly Ruffle Bikini from JCrew has it all:

If you're busty: Look for a bikini style that is both flattering and supportive (the secret? underwire!), like this style from Frederick's of Hollywood: 

The sequins add a fun twist to a simple, flattering design.

Not into bikinis? Tankinis and one-pieces can be stylish solutions if bikinis are too revealing for your taste or beach activities. Sometimes, less IS more. Tankinis and one-pieces seem more conservative, but they have all sorts of fun and sexy styles to keep your look Spring Break-appropriate. Our suggestion is to look for a one-piece with an open back. That way, you can keep your midriff covered but still show some skin. Warning: weird tan lines may be a problem.

We like this Side-tie One Piece from Victoria's Secret:

If you have a round midriff: high-waisted swim bottoms are all the rage this spring break. This style will flatter your hourglass body shape while also keeping it all together. We like geometric cut outs and diverse prints, like these bottoms from Saks Fifth Avenue: 

If you're pear-shaped: try a bandeau tankini like this one from South Beach Swimsuits. Your eyes are naturally drawn up, enlongating your figure, while also flattering your natural curves.

Remember, there is a good rule of thumb for swimsit shopping (and every other kind of shopping, for that matter): if you love it, you’ll rock it! Happy swimsuit shopping!