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O2 Max Fitness: 10-Day Spring Break Tune Up Review

Okay, so I am definitely one of those collegiettes who struggles with consistent exercise. One week, I am a fitness queen: daily trips to the gym, protein shakes, and steamed veggies for dinner. The next week, I am a couch potato. Sigh. The irony is that I also really want a beach-ready body– preferably in time for spring break, but I am okay wearing beach cover-ups until summertime, if need be. Better late than never, right? 

Fortunately, there are immediate fitness solutions out there for people like me, who constantly find themselves riding the fitness struggle bus. One of these is a delightful thing called O2 Max Fitness. O2 Max Fitness is a personalized workout designed for people with a busy schedule, like college students. The idea behind the program is a fitness regime that you can literally do anywhere, anytime of day. The workouts are simple and do not require fancy equipment or a gym membership. All you need are a pair tennis shoes, a pair of dumbbells, and probably a sports bra. For $20 a month, you get customed workouts, access to trainers and coaches, and other membership perks.

On O2 Max Fitness’s website, one of the first things you’ll see is the following quote: “You can have results, or you can have excuses. You cannot have both.” — Unknown. Geez… way to make me feel bad. It is true, however. There are no shortcuts in exercise. You can do the work and get results, or not do the work and… you know.

Recently, I signed up for O2 Max Fitness’s 10-Day Spring Break Tune Up. I immediately liked the whole premise of the program: an intensive, customized workout program designed to give me a rockin’ beach body in time for #springbreak. Even I can stick with something for 10 days, right?

I have religiously been following the program for the last 10 days. An O2 Max Fitness coach worked with me to time the program to maximize results for Boise State’s spring break– pretty cool, right? The program is designed around a simple, daily workout involving both strength training and cardio. To maximize results, I have been preceding each daily workout with a “regular” workout of my own: 20 minutes of cardio. 

Each day, the Spring Break Tune Up program prescribes 3-4 easy exercises that target 3 main areas of the body: abs for flatness, and arms and legs for tone. One of the things that I like about the program is that I do not have to read an instruction manual on the prescribed exercises to understand what I am expected to do with my body for x number of reps. Rather, I can literally just look at a picture and understand the workout. Although simple in design, I was definitely sucking wind by the end of each workout and also a little sore the following mornings. That means something was working, right? 

I think the greatest benefit of programs like the Spring Break Tune Up is habituating a daily workout for people who struggle prioritizing daily exercise, with the effect of promoting an all-around healthier lifestyle, including healthier exercise habits, in the long term.

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It’s not too late! Sign up for the 10-Day Tune Up for your one-way ticket to bikini babeness. Or, check out O2 Max Fitness’s other customized fitness programs like The Accelerator at o2maxfitness.com. Check out other healthy lifestyle and exercise tips on the O2 Max Fitness blog, such as 5 Reasons to Get Spring Break Ready with Spring Break Tune Up and 9 Ways to Stay Fit Over Spring Break. Have a great workout! 

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