Mind, Body, & Spirit: Ways to Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy

College is a stressful time—there is no doubt about that. As your stress level goes up, it is likely that your mental health will begin to go down. This is especially true at this time of year, with school coming to an end, finals popping up, and lots of activities to juggle. It’s  important to take care of yourself—both physically and mentally—even when we have a million other things to take care of. If you invest in yourself, you’ll be well equipped to take life head on! Here are some ways to take care of yourself mentally and physically so you can be the best you.

To Keep Mentally Healthy

Meditation is an awesome tool to destress, and has tons of extra benefits, too! It’s also not a huge time investment, and you’ll get back so much more than you put in. Even meditating for ten minutes a day is enough to reap the benefits associated with meditation. And the list goes on and on—anxiety relief, better sleep, increased happiness, and more. To get started, you can easily look up guided meditations on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet. There are also many apps that offer guided meditations: my personal favorite app for meditation is “Calm”. This app has guided meditations as well as calming ambient sounds that help you to relax. All you have to do is put in some headphones, close your eyes and relax. You may be surprised at how quickly you begin to see results!

The Middle Ground

Yoga is awesome to keep your body strong and flexible while grounding your mind and offering relaxation. We’ve all seen those crazy videos on Instagram of people doing insane poses and balancing in ways that don’t seem possible, but yoga is also accessible to beginners! It is also a great personal challenge—over time you can watch yourself improve and get better at different poses (you may even become Instagram worthy!). You can take a class, or get on YouTube to find guided videos. And it definitely doesn’t have to be done alone! Grab a friend and do it together! It’ll help clear your mind, grounding you, while building strength and flexibility. With those benefits, why not give it a go?

To Keep Physically Healthy

Physical health is directly linked with mental health. When your body feels good, you feel good! The sad truth is that many of us are too “busy” to work out on a regular basis (and if you do work out regularly, let’s take a moment to applaud your almost non-human dedication). For the rest of us, a great way to squeeze in a workout is to do some pilates. If you don’t know about Cassey Ho, you are definitely missing out! Cassey runs Blogilates, and every month puts out a workout routine (there is also a beginner’s regimen if you are just starting)! She is so extremely positive, and even though you will be sweating, you’ll want to keep pushing through. After you finish the workout you’ll feel awesome and ready to tackle anything!

Life can definitely be tough at times, and stress could run rampant. However, make sure to take the time to take care of your mind and body! Right now, take a deep breath—try to relax. You are awesome, and you can tackle anything. Get out there and own the day!