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Meet Campus Cutie Victoria!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Boise State chapter.


HC: First off, thank you so much for meeting with me!

V: Of course!

HC: What’s your intended major?

V: I’m currently in Nursing but I intend to switch General Biology

HC: What are you planning on accomplishing with that specific degree?

V: I eventually want to have my own nursery. I have my own greenhouse and it’s always been a passion of mine!

HC: That’s so awesome! Where are you from?

V: I am from Seattle, Washington.

HC: Do you miss the rain?

V: Yes I miss it so much! I miss being able to wear long sleeves!

HC: So Im guessing you’re a seahawks fan?

V: Who isn’t?! I love Russell Wilson!

HC: So I’m guessing he is your favorite player?

V: Of course! Him and Kam Chancer.

HC: So why Boise State?

V: My relatives live here and Ive always loved the area!

HC: So do you get a lot of good cooking from your family?

V: Yes, I go to Sunday dinners every weekend! My grandma’s fried chicken is the best!

HC: Whats your favorite food?

V: Sushi!

HC: Have you found any good places around campus?

V: Sushi in Idaho? That’s a joke!

HC: I bet Seattle’s sushi is unmatchable

V: It really is!

HC: So do you live on campus?

V: Yes I do, and I love it! My roommates are the best!

HC: What year are you?

V: I am a freshman this year

HC: Are you liking it so far?

V: Yes I am, I have made so many great friends!

HC: That’s so good! Okay this one is hard, Coke or Pepsi?

V: Diet coke!

HC: Right on! Cats or dogs?

V: Dogs! But I also love cuddle time with cats!

HC: Okay, the question everyone wants to know… are you single?

V: Yes I am!

HC: Well there it is boys!