Influential Women: Five Women Who Changed My Life

There are so many amazing women in my life, and so narrowing it down to just five is super difficult. However, these women have all had a huge impact on my life in one way or another. I want to thank these women for just being amazing and for impacting me in the best way possible.

1.   Loey Lane

I stumbled upon Loey Lane’s YouTube channel a few months ago. I had been looking at fashion hauls, and one of her videos came up in my suggested videos. My first thought was that she was gorgeous and so confident—she rocked her outfits and broke the norms for plus-sized fashion. I immediately began to binge watch her videos, and I found that she, like so many women, struggled with her body image her whole life but had overcome that. I was so inspired by her, and when I watched her swimwear/bikini hauls, I finally decided that I want to buy a bikini. I had limited myself to one pieces my whole life, but last month, I purchased a cute bikini. And I plan on rocking that thing. I have Loey to thank for inspiring me and making me feel that anybody is truly a summer body—something that I’ve struggled with for a long time.

2.   My Mom

This list wouldn’t be complete without my mother. Of course, she raised me, and that alone has impacted my life beyond anything. But she’s always been here for me—supporting me in my interests, teaching me, and being someone I could turn to. I am the person I am today because of my mother. She pushed me to achieve my goals, but also understood my needs and didn’t push too hard. She understands my needs—and she will always give her all to provide to me. She works hard every day for us, on top of cleaning, cooking, shopping, and a thousand other things. My mom has been a role model to me, and I hope one day I can pay her back all she’s given to me.

3.   Coco Chanel

Sophomore French class. The lights are dark, and a movie is playing at the front of the room. This is where I learned about the life of fashion icon Coco Chanel. I was enraptured by the documentary we were watching, and completely inspired by her. She broke the norms for women’s fashion, and wore what she felt was practical and comfortable, despite the expectations set out for women. I was extremely inspired by Coco to be my own person as well—to rock what I wanted even if it wasn’t trendy. She also inspired me to always tap into my creative side—to make things that made me happy. To this day, I am so inspired by her and her life, reminding me to never be afraid to be who I am.

4.   My Best Friends

I have two best friends, and both of them have equally impacted my life. I met my best friend Paige when I was in 3rd grade, and we have been friends ever since. Paige is so inspiring to me because, despite the hardships she’s faced in her life, she always bubbled with positivity and always knows how to make me laugh. She’s like a sister to me, and I cannot imagine my life without her and the support she’s always given me. Sierra is my other best friend. We met in 8th grade and have been friends ever since. She’s been there for me, and I can tell her anything. We can go on rants about politics, world affairs, and injustice, but also have silly conversations and laugh until we can’t breathe. I love both of my best friends, and without them, life would definitely suck.

5.   Cassey Ho

I found Cassey Ho online when I had decided to take my fitness and health seriously. It was about 2014, and I was so unhappy with my weight. I decided to do something about it, and so I turned online to look for fitness tips and healthy food recipes. I found an image of her monthly calendar, and I began doing Pilates with her on YouTube daily. She was so positive, and while she was talking through a video, I was inspired to work out and actually had fun while doing it. She is body positive, and encourages women to be their best selves. If I didn’t find Cassey’s videos, I probably would have given up on working out. I can thank her for my fitness!


Who are the five women who have impacted your life the most? Take the time today to give them a shout out and thank them for all they do for you!